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With a focus on mental health during the month of May, we’re proud to have brought you articles on everything from how one individual, after overcoming the odds, is planning to rollerblade across the country for a cause to the personal story of Zac Marion and how running has helped him work through life's ups and downs to a week-long series with Dr. Gregory Scott Brown where he explained how much influence we can have over our mental health through simple and backed self-care tactics and strategies. Our hope is that we offered tools and strategies that you can store away for those moments when you may need them most.

As we launch in June and the kick-off to summer, we’re taking a moment to reset and reflect on all that happened at Rhone this past month.

Pursuit Articles

Introducing Our May Pursuit: Mental Health

While the world rarely has an issue talking about physical health, there is unfortunately still a stigma surrounding mental health. We’re on a mission to change that – to shift the dialogue surrounding men and mental health to one that is supportive, open, and honest.

Lacing Up for the Long Haul with Zac Marion

At first glance, one may think that Zac has been a natural-born runner all of his life. But believe it or not, Zac’s story doesn’t start with running. In fact, there was a point in Zac’s life when he found it difficult to walk up a flight of stairs, let alone go for a run.

Zac wearing the Reign Long Sleeve and 6" Swift Short. 

What I Eat in a Day for Different Workouts and Goals

Nutrition, just like training, needs to be done with a purpose. That’s why trainer Pat Gilles plans out his meals to match up with his various types of workouts.

Benchmark WODs To Try This May

When we think about competition in regards to physical feats, benchmark workouts often come to mind. Why? Because they act as a baseline. Test your strength, agility and performance with any of these benchmark workouts of the day. 

Taking the PLUNJ with Sean Foster

Recovery is often talked about only in the physical sense–but there’s an equally important mental component not to be ignored. That mental recovery was not only an unexpected benefit Sean Foster, founder of Utah’s first Nordic style bathhouse, PLUNJ, experienced during marathon training, but also the inspiration behind PLUNJ’s creation. So what’s the story behind PLUNJ’s creation? What really are the benefits of contrast therapy? Sean is here to explain.

Sean wearing the 6" Swift Short.

Make Your Mind Your Strongest Muscle with Dr. Gregory Scott Brown

Psychiatrist Dr. Gregory Scott Brown’s new book, The Self-Healing Mind, offers us a new framework when considering mental health that puts the power into your hands. He shows us how much influence we can have over our mental health through simple and backed self-care tactics and strategies.

The VRB Labs Guide to Maximizing Mental Health

It turns out you can bulletproof your life to a large degree to make yourself less susceptible to swings in mental health and even change your state when those swings inevitably occur. The below tools, tactics, and procedures are easy to execute and high leverage. Build them into your toolbox and see what happens.

Chase and Evan wearing the Essentials Training Tee5" Mako Tech Short7" Mako Short, and Element Tee.

Blading Across America for 10forTEN with Louis Chaix

Meet Louis Chaix. College athlete, France native, Rhone community member, survivor. Starting death in the eyes at just six years old, Louis is in the pursuit of raising funds and awareness for that very same disease that almost took his life. How? By rollerblading from Los Angeles to New York City. 

Change Your Mental State on Demand: Your Game Plan for Combating Stress

The power is in your hands. What if you had the power to change your mental state on demand? What if you had the ability to inhibit the unnecessary production of stress hormones, calm your nerves, improve your sleep quality, restore your body's natural biological clocks and circadian rhythms, all through the power of managing your brain waves. What if that answer was NuCalm?

This vs. That: Summer Gear Edition

No matter what you’re doing this summer, feeling your best sometimes starts with looking your best. We’ve got four great pieces for your summer pursuits: our Swift and Reign tee and our Mako and Swift Short.

Dare to Endure: The Twelve Labors Project

At its core, the story of Hercules—the story of a man struggling to fulfill his destiny, loved by both Socrates and the Stoics alike—is one that tries to communicate the fulfillment that awaits when we dare to endure, and the disappointment that eats at us when we don’t.

Event Recaps

Weekly Boston Run Club

Newbury Street Store, Boston

You heard it here! Local to Boston? Even if you’re just dropping by for a visit, join us every Wednesday at 6 PM for a 5K run led by some of our local Rhone Community Ambassadors.

Mind & Muscle at Century City

Century City Store, Los Angeles

What’s quickly gaining momentum as Rhone’s signature event, we enlisted the help of performance coach and founder of Forever Athlete, Cory Camp, to lead attendees through a workout followed by a discussion centered around mental health touching upon things like self-love and how men can continue to show up and support one another.

TURF Workout at Fashion Island

Fashion Island Store, Newport Beach

Rhone welcomed the TURF team to a sweat session at our Fashion Island store in Newport Beach, California. Led by TURF trainer Marcus Bradley, attendees were put through an intense full body workout followed by browning the store..

Mayweather Workout at Fashion Island

Fashion Island Store, Newport Beach

In line with Mental Health Awareness Month, together with our Manager of Community Marketing, the team at Fashion Island offered a Tabata style boxing workout led by Instructor Ian Cohen from Mayweather Boxing+Fitness. Keeping minds healthy through movement.

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