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With a focus on travel and the outdoors throughout the month on June, we’re proud to have brought you articles on everything from how our very own Graphic Designer lives, works and travels in a van to how two fathers in our community balance fatherhood, fitness, and everything in between, to outdoor adventure destinations you may have never heard of. We also continued the mental health conversation with a month long 5K challenge to raise funds and awareness for a non-profit, The Hidden Opponent

Our hope is that we offered some insight, inspiration and tools you can use as you see fit. Before we launch in July, we’re taking a moment to reset and reflect on all that happened at Rhone this past month.

Let's Talk: The Pursuit

5K Challenge for Mental Health 

During the month of June the Rhone team and greater community tackled a 5K everyday–whether that was by foot, bike or rower. It was our mission this month to raise funds and awareness for The Hidden Opponent – a non-profit raising awareness for student-athlete mental health and changing the stigma within sports culture.

Kettlebell Training with Intent

A trainer based in New York City, Wendel is no stranger when it comes to understanding the power that fitness has to change someone's life. After discovering the kettlebell in 2014, he has since gone on to receive his Russian Kettlebell Certification to ensure he’s bringing the most knowledge he can to his clients. 

How to Sport Your Rhone This Wedding Season

Bringing comfort and style to a wedding near you with the Rhone Wedding Season Style Guide.

Fitness & Fatherhood: Finding the Balance

Fatherhood. A continual evolution and balancing act. 

And for many fathers we know, that balancing act includes holding on to a fitness routine–however it may shift and evolve. We sat down with two fathers in our community who are balancing it all. Hear what they have to say about fatherhood, fitness and their advice to new fathers searching for a sense of balance. 

Outdoor Adventures You May Have Never Heard Of 

Adventure is calling…

Brock Reichert, an Emergency Medicine trained Physicians Assistant, father and outdoor fitness and adventure enthusiast dropped his picks for outdoor adventure destinations you likely have heard of–but may very well want to explore. 

Forever Forward & Fatherhood

“Forever alive, forever forward, the road lies before us.” – Walt Whitman, Song of the Open Road

As men, and most especially as fathers, we embrace the idea that life is all about moving forward. Learning from past failures, hoping for a bright future, and finding beauty in present progress.

As we took time to acknowledge and thank all those fathers and father figures in our life this Father’s Day, we sat down with our very own Co-Founder Ben Checketts to learn how he embraces this idea of moving forward throughout fatherhood.

The Rhone Trail Challenge. A Full-Body Test

It’s you against you. Test your body, test your mind. Getting uncomfortable is oftentimes the precursor to finding growth. We’re bringing it back to basics with a full body workout done solely on the trails that will have you mentally and physically battling it out. 

Life on the Open Road with Rhone Graphic Designer Caysem Johnson

Fasten your seat belts, stow your bag, and buckle up. 
Forever on the pursuit of his next adventure, Rhone Graphic Designer Caysem Johnson quite literally lives his life on the open road, living and working out of his 2015 Ram Promaster 2500 Cargo Van. But what does life as a digital nomad really look like? We got the details straight from the source.

Community Happenings

Men’s Wellness Summit

On June 28th, hosted in partnership with EVRYMAN and Men’s Health Magazine, we brought the community a virtual Men’s Wellness Summit with an incredible line-up of speakers. This year’s Summit was focused on Becoming Whole: Learning How to Live Our Best Lives Through Social, Mental and Mind-Body Health and included Laird Hamilton, Andy Dub, Dr. Gregory Brown, Carl Radke, Dr. Drew Ramsey, M.D., Richard Dorment, Lucas Krump, Mike Sagun, and our very own Nate Checketts as speakers.

Wellness Wednesday at Century City: Wim Hof Seminar with Sam Whiting

Century City Store, Los Angeles

During the 90-minute session, attendees learned how breathing is one of the most fundamental components of the nervous system to regulate and master through practice. Additionally, 100% of the proceeds from the event benefited Mental Health America.

Weekly Boston Run Club

Newbury Street Store, Boston

You heard it here! Local to Boston? Even if you’re just dropping by for a visit, join us every Wednesday at 6 PM for a 5K run led by some of our local Rhone Community Ambassadors. 

Zac Clark Run Club Flatiron

Flatiron Store, New York City

Zac Clark and members of his foundation, Release and Recovery Foundation, joined forces for a run around New York City, starting and ending at our Flatiron store location. It’s their mission to build and foster one of the strongest running communities in New York City and we look forward to supporting them along that journey.

Run Club at Flatiron

Flatiron Store, New York City

Led by Rhone Ambassadors Kyle Axman and Jason Markland, runners were led on a 5K run throughout New York City, starting and ending at Rhone Flatiron. 

Product Launches 

Seersucker Collection

Introducing: Seersucker. This collection will be your summer go-to. Featuring 4-way stretch fabric that dries in a snap and plenty of pockets. To put it simply, this collection feels like summer.

Introducing: The Versatility Pant

Our team has tried, and we hate to admit it, we failed. We failed to find something these pants can't do. Here's the good news: we succeeded in making a pant that is lightweight, flexible, and incredibly versatile.

Bolinas Refresh

The Bolinas Collection. There's been so much love for it that we decided it was time to give it a refresh. So, what can you expect? For the pants and the shorts, expect to find slanted patch pockets, a flatter waistband, heritage drawstrings, and ribbed detailing along the leg openings. As for the hoodie, a sleek buttonless neck, side seam pockets, and a traditional silhouette.

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