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Spring is on the horizon and we’ve made it to longer days. Throughout the month of March, we’ve launched new products, new styles and some pieces have seen an upgrade in functionality. The Pursuit has brought you a 4-week workout plan, a recovery flow and a look into the great protein and supplement debate.

Another month has come and gone but not without the continual pursuit of progress by embracing all that is possible.

Before pushing forward into a new month, take a look back at all that happened at Rhone in the past few weeks.

Pursuit Articles

Introducing Our March Pursuit: Fitness & Performance

Whatever fitness and performance looks like for you, whether you’re training for a competition or you’re training for “life,” results come when you have a strategy in place. Join us this month as we focus our efforts on the importance of fitness and performance from optimizing nutrition for performance to workout plans, performance psychology, and more.

4 Week Functional Fitness Program

We enlisted the help of trainer and gym owner, Pat Gilles to put together a program that will take your fitness to the next level–and everything can be done from home. Each workout has a short video explaining how to modify exercises, how to read the workout, and goes over the movements seen in the workout plan.

Introducing Rhone's Resident Yoga Expert, Dean Pohlman of Man Flow Yoga

As Dean pursues progress in the arena of introducing more men to yoga, it seems only fitting to introduce him to the Rhone community as our new Resident Yoga Expert. Each month, he’ll be releasing a new yoga flow whether it’s for better mobility, a good evening stretch, accessory work to compliment your lifts. We caught up to learn more about how he first got into yoga, went on to create Man Flow Yoga and how it’s morphed into what it’s become today.

Recovery Flow with Rhone's Resident Yoga Expert Dean Pohlman of Man Flow Yoga

Whether you’re a runner, hitting it hard in the gym, spending long days at a desk, or all of the above, there's no doubt that most of us could benefit from a recovery flow every now and then. This quick routine from Man Flow Yoga is just that. This flow will open your hips, activate your core, stretch those tight muscles, and leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

How to Deal With Sweat While Working Out

We all sweat during a good workout. Yes, some more than others, and that’s a good thing — sweat is a sign of hard work and it comes with huge upsides for your body and your skin. And while we’re got the gear to withstand and support you through your sweatiest workouts, the expert skincare team at Bottlecode has the secrets and tips for managing that hard-earned sweat and keeping your skin in shape.

The Protein and Supplement Debate by Chris Mohr

It’s certainly a well established belief that protein matters, but with so many types of protein powders on the market, it can be a challenge to know which one is the right choice for you. Dietician Chris Mohr has some tips to help you maximize your gains.

Simple Steps to Building Your Own Running Training Plan

It may seem daunting to put together a schedule for running training, but there’s a simple formula you can follow that helps to organize your runs and build out your week.

Product Development Summit

Creating gear for those who are constantly in the pursuit of progress is no easy feat. In order to create the best in class options for men’s activewear, it needs to be tested by high-performing individuals. Earlier this month, we held a Product Development Summit to do just that–real-time feedback by real-life men, putting our gear to the test.

The purpose of the conversation today is to facilitate discussion about the clothes you’re currently wearing… how they fit, how they look, and how they perform. The goal is to receive actionable feedback from you, the target customer and Rhone Man, so that we can iterate on these products and continue to create the best in class options for men’s activewear.

Products Tested Included:

  • Mako Tech Short

  • Reign Tech Shirt

  • Swift Short

  • Swift Tank

Summit Format:

  1. 16 attendees from a variety of backgrounds: Top Rhone customers, Fitness professionals, and close friends of the brand.

  2. Two distinct workouts, one with a heavy focus on cardio to test out our run-specific Swift capsule, the other with more focus on functional fitness to test our Tech capsule.

  3. After each workout, the men broke into two groups and discussion was led by our Brand Marketing and Product Teams to get real time feedback on how the clothes they were wearing for each work fit, looked, and performed.

  4. Feedback was compiled, evaluated, and takeaways were made that will play a role in the direction and influence of upcoming product revisions and new product launches.

In addition to testing separate Rhone activewear in two distinct high-intensity workouts, I was able to collaborate with other fitness professionals and give sweat-tested performance feedback to the Rhone Team. Their attention to detail, commitment to quality product development and customer satisfaction is second to none. These are the reasons Rhone continues to raise the standard in the industry, all while keeping you at the top of your game! - Matt Welch

I was really impressed by the level of detail the Rhone team went into when evaluating each of their products, and how passionate the diverse group of guys was to help create the best possible athletic wear. This session seemed like a really unique and effective way for Rhone to get feedback from their core users, and I was glad to have been invited to be a part of it. - Nick Killeen

After participating in Rhone's feedback event, I feel more confident in the company's clothing and its product development team. The event highlighted the care and consideration that goes into every garment. - Matt Carmona

Refining a product is essential, but building a positive community around the product is paramount. The team provided an environment that helped us be earnest and honest which is a great way to do business. - JP Lemire

As a coach and healthcare professional in NYC, it was refreshing to see a company put so much value into the community. There are not a lot of brands that will actively put their products to the test with two tough workouts but Rhone definitely knocked it out of the park with their gear. - Dr. Andy Chen

Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador Program is in full swing!

We strove to create a program that was exciting and beneficial for you - something that you’d be proud to be a part of. We wanted to create a program that would help our brand continue to grow, evolve, and represent what it means to be a Rhone Man: someone who lives a balanced lifestyle, values community, prioritizes family, fitness, learning new skills, and knows that the pursuit of progress is a never ending process. We’re looking forward to growing this group of men across the country.

Wendel Galdamez, Nick Killeen, Hunter Fluegel, Joe LindleyBlair Wheeler, Blake Holman

Product Launches

Extra Mile Full Zip Jacket and Extra Mile Pant

A warm, water-repellant jacket and pant that breathe life into the dead of winter and pushes you to go further.

Traverse Jogger and Traverse Vest

If the mountains are calling and you must go, you need the Traverse Jogger. The first step in any great adventure is acquiring the right gear, and the Traverse Jogger was made to get you there and back again with ease and style.

Resort Pant Slim

Made to get away, these ultra-versatile, endlessly comfortable pants are perfect for hikes, bikes, boats, the list goes on.

Temp Zone Golf Polo and Temp Zone Long Sleeve Golf Polo

The game of golf, when played correctly, hinges on being able to perform under pressure. We designed a shirt that consistently delivers the pro style performance regardless of the conditions.

Play Through Jacket and Play Through Pant

We designed both the jacket and the pant to keep you on top of your game when the weather lets you down. Made with wind and water resistance, mobility and plenty of pockets, they’re the perfect course companion.

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