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We all sweat during a good workout. Yes, some more than others, and that’s a good thing — sweat is a sign of hard work and it comes with huge benefits for your body and your skin. Sweating flushes out your pores, eliminating dirt and debris, and it also increases blood circulation, allowing oxygen and nutrients to nourish your skin cells.

Joe Kwon wearing the 6" Swift Short and Swift Short Sleeve

That being said, if you don’t manage it properly, sweat can lead to unwanted issues like breakouts and irritation. Here, the expert skincare team at Bottlecode share seven easy tips for managing that hard earned sweat and keeping your skin in shape.

1. Don’t do your hair before working out

We get it, you’re trying to look your best at the gym, but that hair gel won’t do your skin any favors. As you sweat, your hair product will drip down your face, clog your pores, and may lead to breakouts.

2. Wash your face immediately after working out

One of the many benefits of sweating is that it helps to clear out your pores. That being said, you don’t want dirty sweat sitting on your face for too long. If showering immediately after your workout doesn’t fit into your schedule, be sure to at least wash your face. If you really have to run out the door, keep some toner pads or cleansing wipes in your gym bag to cleanse your skin on the go.

3. Keep your post-workout shower cool

Lukewarm showers are best for your skin because hot water can compromise your pH balance and weaken your skin’s natural protective skin barrier, allowing unwanted bacteria to penetrate into your pores and cause issues. Keeping your showers cool will also help to prevent that everlasting sweat throughout the day, especially during the warmer months.

4. Use clean towels

You might be tempted to wipe the sweat off your forehead with your hands or that dirty towel you just used to wipe down the equipment. Both are full of bacteria. Be sure to keep an additional clean towel on hand exclusively for your face.

5. Wear breathable materials

Wearing breathable and moisture-wicking materials during a workout  will help to ensure that sweat doesn’t get trapped against your skin. This is especially helpful when it comes to preventing acne on your chest, back, and shoulders.

Cory Richards wearing the 5” Mako Tech and Reign Tech

If body acne is a concern, we also recommend trying a body wash that’s formulated with Salicylic Acid. For stubborn body breakouts, try a benzoyl peroxide wash, but be sure to only use it on the affected areas because benzoyl peroxide can dry out your skin.

6. Stay hydrated

Drinking water before, during, and after your workout can help to cool your body and reduce sweating. It will also help to prevent dehydration, a leading cause of baggy eyes, dull skin, and — believe it or not — oiliness.

7. Limit pre-workout caffeine

You’ve heard of meat sweats but have you heard of coffee sweats? Caffeine is a stimulant that speeds up your central nervous system and, in turn, triggers your body to produce more sweat. If sweating too much is a concern, try avoiding caffeine before your workouts.

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