We Are Not Sustainable, We Are Responsible

Honestly, we aren’t sustainable, but that will not stop us from trying. Read on to learn about the actions we are taking today to create a better tomorrow.

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Organic Cotton

We are proud to use organic, pesticide free cotton which produces more than 45% less CO2 than conventional cotton without sacrificing softness. Found in the Element Tee.

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Recycled Polyester

Plastic water bottles are turned into pellets and extruded into a polyester yarn that boasts incredible stretch and durability. Found in the Element Tee.

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Merino Wool

As a natural super fabric, Merino provides lightweight warmth, natural wicking properties and incredible drying powers. Found in the Faroe Islands and Trek Collection.

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A revolutionary self-sustaining yarn that is harvested from Beech trees that regrow after being cut. Found in many of our Everyday Essentials boxers and undershirts

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Recycled Nylon

Composed of nylon waste products from fishing nets, we use a regenerated nylon that's as good as new. Found in our Fletcher Trunk.

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All Responsible Rhone Products are marked with our Responsible logo

A 30 Day Earth Day Challenge

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Introducing the April Pursuit: Responsible

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Starting in Spring of 2021, we made the switch to using FSC certified post consumer recycled paper and a cotton cord in place of a plastic tag on each hang tag and interior woven label affixed to every piece of Rhone clothing. Also beginning in July of 2021, we will begin to use recycled nylon mailers made from ocean-bound plastic trash pulled from the beaches and shorelines of the US, as well as post industrial recycled plastic. Because the mailers are made domestically in Dallas, TX, we are also eliminating the need for container ship travel, therefore reducing our carbon footprint. This packaging is 100% recyclable after it's use as a Rhone shipper and the printing process of our poly mailers uses less water and creates less waste than it does to make paper mailers.

Our Mission

The Rhone Team is encouraged to do their part to bring responsible practices into their everyday lives and are rewarded when they go the extra mile to build up their communities.

Our focus on responsibility starts with eco-conscious behavior changes, but we are also focused on giving back to our local communities in meaningful ways. Our treasured partnership with the Waterside School in Stamford, Connecticut provides internship opportunities to stellar students.

We make regular donations of clothing and other goods to various local organizations, and make space for employees to pursue their own charitable passions. Company wide clean-ups in local communities are beginning in Spring of 2021 with more events planned in the near future. Our people are special, not just because they create real change in their own circles, but because they are always looking for ways to learn and grow.

Our production partners span multiple countries across the globe. We ensure that they not only meet the highest standards for product quality, but also create safe, clean, and fair environments for their employees.

List of Countries Where Our Products Are Made or Fabric is Sourced

Albania, Australia, China, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Vietnam


We understand that our efforts here may seem small, but any great journey begins with a few small steps. So, we invite you to send us your feedback, check back to this page often to track our progress, and to do your part to be more Responsible.