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At Rhone, we pride ourselves on being responsibleto our customers, to our communities, and to our environment. We continually seek ways to do "our part," and team members contribute in their own ways. For example, our design team is updating and developing future products with recycled and sustainable materials as well as evaluating every step of our supply chain to make it as eco friendly as possible. Others are researching and working with local organizations to pay it forward. And others are educating coworkers on how to recycle properly. Every effort counts, and there is no doubt we'll get further by working together. 

During these complicated times, you may find "going green" or working on your sustainable lifestyle lower on your priority list than a couple of months ago. We are here to change your mindset and remind you that now, amidst all of this change, is, in fact, the best time to create new responsible habits. We've put together a list of 30 things to get you started. Try following day by day or pick one thing at random each day that fits with life right now. Remember, we'll get further by working together. Let's get started. 


Day 1: Shorten Your Shower by Three Minutes (Even a one or two-minute reduction can save up to 700 gallons per month.) 

Day 2: Stop Using Disposable Bags (and start using reusable.)

Day 3: Recycle (Hopefully most of you already are, but if not, there's no time like the present.)

Day 4: EARTH DAY (Get outside. Plant some flowers. Clean the beach. Be grateful.)

Day 5: Host A Virtual Eco-Craft Day (Try one of these.)

Day 6: Meatless Monday (Try going vegetarian for a day.)

Day 7: Turn Off Sink When You Brush Your Teeth (This simple step can save up to three gallons each day.)

Day 8: Switch to LED Lightbulbs (They use roughly 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.)

Day 9: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint 

Day 10: Donation Day (Donate food, clothes, books to your local food bank or Good Will.)

Day 11: No Plastic For A Day (Try!)

Day 12: Pick Up At Least Three Pieces Of Trash (This can be done while on a run, walking your dog, or just getting some fresh air.)

Day 13: Try To Avoid Printing For The Day 

Day 14: Spread Awareness Through Social Media

Day 15: Buy Local (Although some farmer's markets are still closed, consider going to your local, smaller grocery to stock up.) 

Day 16: Go A Day Without Throwing Anything Away (Or just don’t buy anything for the day.)

Day 17: Go For A Walk! (Even just 10 minutes in nature can help relieve stress and improve moods.)

Day 18: Start A Compost Pile. Here's how. 

Day 19: Adjust The Thermostat (Go a few degrees higher or lower depending on the temp today.)

Day 20: Pay Your Bills Online (Most of you probably already do but if not, it's time to switch over!)

Day 21: Google 'How To Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies (Seriously, do it now.)

Day 22: Say No To Plastic Utensils (Tell the restaurant to hold the plastic utensils when ordering take out.)

Day 23: Read a Green Book or Watch A Green Movie (The Lorax!)

Day 24: Break Out Your Bike or Walk (Try not to use your car or public transportation today.)

Day 25: Wash Your Laundry In Cold Water (instead of warm)

Day 26: Turn Off The Lights When You Leave The Room

Day 27: Unplug Chargers And Appliances While Not In Use

Day 28: Clean Out Your Fridge (Challenge yourself to completely empty or use one shelf before heading to the grocery store.)

Day 29: Don't Order Just One Item At A Time Online (A big box filled with one tiny thing is a huge waste of packaging and paper.)

Day 30: Shop With Brands That Give Back (If you're going to shop, try to do it with socially responsible brands.)

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