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Rhone Ambassador and Entrepreneur, Greg Scheinman has taken an unconventional but successful approach to helping men live a healthy, passion-filled life. Greg is taking everything he’s learned, and is continuing to learn and serving up candid conversations through wisdom, inspiration, and curiosity.

Greg wearing the Element Tee and Commuter Jogger

When Greg was in his twenties, he was the executive assistant of Harvey Weinstein before cutting ties and going on to produce two successful films of his own. By the time he was in his thirties he built an award winning sports DVD business for children called Team Baby Entertainment. It held licenses with the NBA, NCAA, MLB, and NASCAR. Former Disney Chairman, Michael Eisner would acquire this business.

Greg’s success has led him to be featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Adweek, The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, and many other successful news outlets. He was also the former host of PBS’s, Profiles of Innovation, a broadcast program that dug in deep to the lives of accomplished entrepreneurs.

Despite Greg falling into a highly successful career(s) at a young age, he’s endured challenges that many of us have faced ourselves. When he was a teenager, Greg dealt with the loss of his father. He also lived through his brother going to prison. Weight, alcohol, hair-loss, body image, anxiety, and self confidence are among the struggles Greg has endured throughout his life.

Greg wearing the Reign Midweight Hoodie and the 7" Board Short

It’s those very struggles that have pushed Greg into being of service to others. It’s those struggles that were the inspiration behind The Midlife Male where he’s in the pursuit of helping other men find clarity in their lives–to live their best lives, in all facets. To show men, it’s never too late to start.

Needless to say, if you take a look at where Greg has landed today, as well as where he is and will continue to go, there’s no doubt that his work ethic, passion and principles are what make him the perfect representation of the Rhone man. A present father, partner, friend, confidant.

What does Greg have to say about his work?

Over the last few years and through the Midlife Male brand, interviewing almost 200 top experts, and working closely with executives, fathers, and athletes I’ve noticed one major theme.

Most men are solving for the wrong thing.

They chase success at the expense of everything else.

They’re chasing “things” and the expectations of others.

There’s this misconception that achieving success and getting to the top is the primary goal even if that means everything else withers away.

Their physical health, strength, and endurance
Their connection with their wife or partner
Their deeper dreams and grand vision for their life

In a lot of ways, these men get lost in running as fast as they can in the direction of what they think they should want only to get there and find out that the status, pride, and accomplishment promised at the peak of success severely lacks substance.

Have you been there?

Hear me on this. I am not saying that success is the problem. I’ve got big goals and I work like an animal to get there. BUT not at the expense of everything else.

It sounds simple but it’s not easy. It takes dedication and commitment to create change. – Greg Scheinman

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