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Ah, wedding season. If you’re in your mid-twenties and thirties, it’s not unlikely that you may be gearing up for a handful of weddings to attend. From your college roommate to your teammates, the random spotter at the gym turned close friend and your favorite co-worker–there’s no doubt that the more elevated section of your closet is about to see some love.

That to say, unless you’re actually in the wedding, sometimes knowing what to wear can be a bit problematic. While “black tie” leaves little room for interpretation, invites stating “cocktail” or “dressy casual” can offer a bit more flexibility (and confusion) when it comes to your wardrobe options. How do you dress to impress while still expressing your personal style and, a key component here, being comfortable? Enter: the Rhone Wedding Season Style Guide. 

Types of Wedding Dress Codes


The intersection of casual daytime attire and more elegant night time attire. Think of cocktail attire as an elevated take on what you might wear during the day if you’re rocking business attire. It’s not quite as decorative as what you might wear to a black-tie event though it’s more formal than what you might roll up in at Sunday brunch. 

Dressy Casual

A step below Cocktail, we’ve got Dressy Casual. This dress code gives you some more freedom when it comes to colors, materials and prints and definitely does not require you to wear a full suit–although, you certainly can if you’re into that. But a great pair of pants and a button down are all you really need. 


Laid-back energy thrives here. While jeans and a t-shirt are decidedly not something we’d suggest here, depending on the venue, a great pair of casual shorts and a crisp polo or button down may do the trick. And don’t be afraid to rock some color.

Now that we’ve got the different types of dress codes covered, it’s time for the fun stuff: the pairings.


Bright White Commuter Shirt and Black Commuter Pant

To truly make this look fit the Cocktail code, we suggest adding in a tie and jacket to match the pants. 


Blue Commuter Shirt and Navy Commuter Pant 

You can probably guess what we'll say about this pairing–add a jacket and tie. Try a tie with a unique pattern to spice things up.

Bright White Commuter Shirt and Hydro Commuter Pant

Same thing applies here. We'd recommend pairing this duo with a tie and jacket to match the pants. 

    Dressy Casual

    Bright White Commuter Shirt and Survivor Green Resort Pant Slim

    This pairing gives off a major rustic, mountain feel. Think late summer and into fall.

    Bright White Commuter Shirt and Khaki Commuter Pant

    A somewhat "beachy" or more of a classic, laid-back look.

    Bright White Commuter Shirt and Hydro Commuter Pant

    The Hydro color of the Commuter Pants give this pairing a great pop of color.

    Orso Brown Check Commuter Shirt and Ristretto Commuter Pant

    Another pairing for those that are into a more neutral look.


      Light Blue Commuter Polo and Stone Commuter Short 

      Calm, cool and casual.

      Blue Commuter Shirt or Bright White Commuter Shirt and Stone Commuter Pant or the Flagstone Tech Chino Pant 

      Think of these pairing options as the older brother of the pair above. Same light tones, with added length (pants and a long sleeve). 

      Blue Multi Stripe Commuter Polo and Iron Commuter Pant

      Another nice blue hue option. 

      Need to add in a pair of shoes or belt to complete the look? We'd suggest:

      Casual and Dressy Casual Shoe Pick:

      Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Loafer

      Cocktail Shoe Pick:

      Wolf & Shepherd Crossover Longwing

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