Zach Morgan


Zach Morgan




Kansas City, MO


Training the guys from Queer Eye. Being able to eat a whole box of donuts in one sitting.


Spending time with my dog, Marco. I also just started surfing. Even though I fall most of the time I love it and I'm always itching to get back in the water and get better!


"Bullfight critics ranked in rows Crowd the enormous plaza full; But only one is there who knows And he's the man who fights the bull" - It's a poem by Domingo Ortega and to me it's about the value of action. Lots of people like to watch and criticize, but the only one who truly knows what something is like is the one does it. Don't be an onlooker or critic in life, get in there and do something!

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Zach is a personal trainer, chef, and health & wellness expert. He works for Bobby Berk from Netflix’s Queer Eye as a trainer and chef and travels with the cast training them during filming. He also writes for creating content centered around health, wellness, and cooking. Zach has worked with numerous other publications to share his knowledge and passion for living a healthy lifestyle.

Originally from Kansas City, Zach left to spend time living in Israel and the UK after high school. He then returned to his hometown to attend culinary school. His experience includes cooking in hotels, a high end steakhouse, and a local farm to table cafe. Now he uses his culinary skills to create recipes that can make any home cook feel like an experienced chef.

While working in restaurants Zach found himself feeling unhealthy and out of shape. He committed himself to changing his lifestyle to look and feel better. Through his fitness journey he found a love for working out and wanted to help others improve their lives. That’s when Zach decided to become a certified personal trainer. When the cast of Queer Eye traveled to Kansas City to film they hired him to be their trainer. After leaving, Bobby asked him to move to Los Angeles so that they could continue to work together and so Zach could share his passions for fitness and cooking with the readers of his website.

Since then Zach has been able to share his expertise to help others find a balance between living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying their lives. His training philosophy is about finding what you enjoy and making the most of it. He believes that no training plan can get you results if you don’t stick to it. That too many people force themselves to do something they hate because they think it will get them results, but they inevitably burn out. If you can find something that you enjoy and will motivate you to work hard, that’s the best thing you can do!

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