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Working out from home for however long you may be there just got a lot easier. We enlisted trainer Dale Santiago to offer common household items (and perhaps some of your favorite libations) that you can use in your workouts in lieu of dumbbells. Whether your WOD calls for more reps or more weight, consider your home gym fully stocked.



  • 1lb/16oz = 1 small (regular) size full water bottle

  • 8 lbs = 1 full gallon of water

  • 25 lbs = 24-pack of water bottles from Costco (unopened)

  • 43 lbs = 42-pack of water bottles from Costco (unopened)


  • 9 lbs = 6-pack bottled beer

  • 18 lbs = 12-pack bottled beer

  • 36 lbs = 24-pack bottled beer

  • 5 lbs = 6-pack canned beer

  • 12 lbs = 12-pack canned beer

  • 20 lbs = 24-pack canned beer


  • 2 lb/25 oz = 1 bottle of wine (750 ml)

  • 3 lb = 1 Magnum bottle of wine (1.5 L)


  • 1 lb/16 oz = 1 sneaker, a football

  • 5 lb = Large tub of protein powder

  • 10 lbs = 1 large and full container of laundry detergent gets you pretty close

  • 20 lbs = Take a backpack or gym duffel and fill it to the brim with books or sneakers. You’ll have to play a bit of a guessing game to sense how much 20lbs feels like when worn or held; 1 spare tire will also get you 20 lbs

Amp-up your full-body workout with some weighted additions at your fingertips:

  • Grab a chair from your dining room table: Turn it horizontally and use it for various presses including overhead press and chest press.

  • My motto is strong core, strong body and here’s an easy way to maintain that from the comfort of your own home: Grab a small hand towel from your bathroom or kitchen. Fold it in half and place it on a hardwood or tiled floor so when pushed along the surface of the floor there is no friction, it just slides. These towels can be used for a variety of core exercises from a plank position (putting feet on towels to slide against the floor), chest fly (hands placed on towels to slide arms outwards against the floor), lat pulldowns, and lunges.


Dale Santiago is a trainer at Rumble. To see more, follow him on Instagram: 




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