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Some football fans root for teams and others root for the halftime performance. 

Regardless of who you’re pulling for, we’ve got you covered with some solid Super Bowl eats to help you enjoy the game from the comfort of your living room. Since the game will likely look a lot different and the Super Bowl spread you usually plan will probably just be for you and whomever you share your house with, we’ll keep the options simple and straightforward. 

The best part? You can show up to your living room with your Rhone Joggers and Reign Short Sleeve in your team’s color and you’ll be ready to enjoy the game from the comfort of your home. There’s something to be said about that.

 How about this as well: the commercials are certainly a big part of the game.  Challenge yourself to do 10 body weight exercises during every commercial break – first one, 10 pushups, next 10 body weight squats and alternate. Your favorite players are working hard, why can't you (and I) do the same?


Alright, let’s talk food.

First, the apps.  I’m definitely Team Pistachios here.

Put out a bowl of shell-on pistachios. Why shell on? You can’t just mindlessly throw handfuls into your mouth and when you have another bowl for the other shells (the remnants), research has actually shown if you leave those visible, you might eat less overall because of that visual cue of what you’ve already eaten. Keeping bowls of in shell pistachios around on the coffee table or end tables may keep the mindless snacking to a minimum while you also embrace some quality nutrients.


Next, get some guac going. Avocados are certainly popular with enough guac served during the Super Bowl to fill many football fields. Mash up avocado, sprinkle some salt (and add cilantro and jalapeños, if you want some kick). Then put a bunch of veggies (rather than chips) around to dip.  Let’s face it, the guac is the key here and anything you’re dipping in there is just the vehicle to get more guac, so why not make it something quality, like veggies.  Quick tip: those mini peppers they sell now are perfect for this as are baby carrots and neither require a shred of work.  Bonus: avocados are rich in fiber, vitamin E, healthy fats and many other nutrients.


Swap nachos for tacos. Nachos are usually laden with greasy cheese, beef (and if you live in KC and are rooting for the Chiefs, like BBQ sauce!).  These can all be A) messy and B) way too easy to overeat, so full of calories, fat and the like. Instead, consider a taco bar that’s not in front of the TV. These can be served buffet style so you can build your own and then go back to watch the game.

Serve whole corn tortillas (which are smaller so you can’t fit as many toppings in there), your favorite lean protein (ground beef or chicken are easy), and of course loads of mixed veggies. In fact, make more veggies than other toppings. Use the mixed veggies as the “extras” and fill up there.  You can even skip the tortillas, if you desire, and simply make taco bowls using the veggies as the base.  Top with some of the guac you made or salsa and voila.


Beer.  Ahhhh, yes, the alcohol. Nothing against it, occasionally, but sitting down for the 4+ hour game with a case of your favorite beer probably isn’t the best move for you (or for your Monday morning).  Admittedly, there was a time when I was in my dietetic internship and did this.  My roommate and I would put on college football on Saturday, put a case of beer between us with a bag of tortilla chips and sit in our respective recliners and watch all of the games all day.  It was a long, spread out day but Sunday (and Monday) were never our most productive days in the world.  So I won’t say “don’t drink” and I’ll instead say do this: alternate alcohol with a non-alcoholic drink if you’re going to drink at all so at least it’s more balanced. 

Can we agree on that?  For every one beer, have one large glass of water.  You’ll feel a billion times better and will still get to enjoy the game (and that Monday morning workout and all day Zoom meetings).

Alright, even though the Super Bowl will look different this year, you can still have a great time. And now you’re armed with the best choices for food. 


To hear more from Chris Mohr, follow him on Instagram: @mohrresults 

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