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So you're new to a yoga practice and aren't really sure what to wear. You're not giving up other forms of exercise, but instead adding yoga into the rotation. Will my normal workout clothes do the trick? Answer: some will and some won't. We reached out to our friends at Man Flow Yoga to give us their top picks and go-to's so all you'll have to worry about is perfecting your warrior. Here's what they had to say. 

First and foremost, make sure you’re comfortable. But make sure your clothes aren’t overly large are baggy. A snug fit (but not too tight) is your best bet, made with materials that are meant to get sweaty.



    • If you don’t wear a shirt and you are in a public hot yoga class, you may end up doing an unfortunate squelching noise that sounds a lot like a fart with your lower-back. So you can go shirtless, but beware the weird fart noise with a sweaty low-back.

    • You want to make shirt isn’t going to get in the way as you move. Too baggy and you’ll have to reposition it frequently; too tight and it will make any sort of overhead arm movements uncomfortable.

    • Sweat absorbing: Ideally, your shirt shouldn’t change too much as it gets wet. So make sure you have a performance fabric of some sort so that your shirt doesn’t stretch or change the way it fits on your body as you progress through your workout.



    • You want to make sure your shorts don’t move around. As you’re working into your hip mobility, it’s really annoying if you have to reposition your shorts. So get some shorts that stay in place, are fitted; but not too tight.

    • If you’re a guy, a built-in compression liner can come in very handy if you’re worried about your junk getting in the way. It’s also really unfortunate if you’re in a public yoga class and you’re not wearing secure boxers. Please don’t go into a yoga class with baggy boxers - or worse - no boxers. Nobody wants to see that.



I’ve used Rhone for years now, and I absolutely love their workout apparel. Their shirts are extremely high quality, and I probably have about 20 of them that I keep in my rotation. The Reign Short Sleeve is my favorite.


I also use their Reign Tank. These are just an all-around great workout tank.

Their Versatility Shorts are extremely high quality. Personally I prefer to wear boxer briefs with an unlined short, but if you prefer a thicker liner, then I’d recommend you go with the lined version of the Versatility Short.



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