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Interviewing for a new job looks a little different these days. While you're still donning your best and sitting face to face with your interviewer, there's now likely a screen--and a lot of distance--between the two of you. But regardless of the space or changing circumstances, it's still important you look your best. We've put together a few tips and video interview outfit recommendations to help you knock your next interview out of the park. 

The dress code for a video interview depends on the type of company you are interviewing for. While some may require a more buttoned-up look, others consider a polo dressed up. Not sure where you land? Should you dress up for a video interview? In our opinion, always err on the side of more dressed up. It's always better to show up overdressed than underdressed. 

Here are a few options to get you started.


1. All Buttoned-Up

Looking for a more formal approach, our Commuter Dress Shirt fits the bill. Not only does it look great, but it will hands down be the most comfortable button-down you've ever worn. Guaranteed. Now chances are your interviewer will only see your top half, but why take the risk? Throw on a pair of our Commuter Pants to finish your ensemble. Despite changing out of your sweats and tee for the interview, you'll feel like you never did. 


2. Business As Casual

When you want a polished look but long sleeves are just a little over the top, reach for our Commuter Short Sleeve Button Down. It possesses all the comfort of its long-sleeved predecessor but is perfect for your business casual needs. Again, complete your video interview outfit with a pair of pants from our Commuter collection. This time, try with a pair of our Commuter Joggers. They are professional enough to help you look the part while still being comfortable enough for you to lounge in when your interview is said and done. 


3. King Casual

Sometimes you know that your video interview attire can be casual. When that's the case, we still recommend you reach for a polo. While being more casual than a button-down, it still shows effort. Lucky for you, our polos are as comfortable, if not more comfortable, than t-shirts, so you won't know the difference. Our Reign Polo is your perfect match. The Reign is synonymous with comfort and so to class your comfort up a bit, we created the Reign Polo. Want long sleeves? Reach for the Delta™ Pique Long Sleeve Polo. Either way, you can't go wrong. 


There you have it. Now when you're wondering, "What should I wear for a video interview?", you've got your answer. Good luck and remember, you've got this. 


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