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It's that wonderful time of year again. Time to celebrate those who teach us, who guide us, and who love us unconditionally: the queens of our hearts, our moms. Mother's Day is upon us and this year, we wanted to put together a list of things for mom that she would really love. No, it's not the latest home facial product or a new pair of running shoes (though she absolutely may love those too), but here are five ways to make Mother's Day a little more memorable this year.


1. Ask Her What She Wants. Yes, we know this sounds crazy and may go against all things you've been taught. But give it a try. She might surprise you this year or ask for something she may not have mentioned had you not asked. Don’t always skip the flowers and chocolates. If that’s her thing, then go for it. If flowers are more her style, take that road. The point is, ask her what she wants. She'll thank you for it. 


2. Write a Note. I don't know about you, but never have I ever hated someone saying thank you or didn't want someone to tell me that I did a good job. The same thing goes for mom. This Mother's Day, take time to write the moms in your life a sincere note. And have your kids, if they can, write one too. Express why you love and admire them. Tell them what makes you grateful for them. Tell them you appreciate all they do and that it doesn't go unnoticed. Share funny or meaningful memories. Remind them of their greatness. Everyone loves to be remembered and that goes for moms too. 


3. A Moment Alone. Being a mother is one of the most rewarding and wonderful things there is. It can also be one of the most emotionally and physically exhausting. This Mother's Day, consider giving her a moment alone (with zero interruptions) to do whatever it is that she wants. If that's sleep, let her sleep. If that's read, let her read. If that's working out, grab her running shoes for her. Let her breathe, let her pause, and let her reconnect with herself. 


4. Finish That Honey-Do List. It's likely that you and your spouse have some form of a "Honey-Do" list. Whatever that entails, try to finish it. It might not happen by tomorrow or in one day or even two, but set a reasonable deadline and do it. Do it without being reminded and without complaint. Do it because you love that wife or mom of yours so much. That's all the motivation you need. 


5. Full-Service Meals. By full service we mean you do the planning, the cooking AND the cleaning. That holy triple threat can feel oh-so threatening when you do it every night of the week, so Mother's Day is the perfect day to give her a break from it. Grab that apron, turn on a good playlist, get the kids involved (to whatever degree you can), and create whatever level of culinary masterpiece your heart desires. Truth be told, she probably does not care what you are cooking so long as she doesn't have to do it (or clean it up). 


Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! We love you, we appreciate you, and we admire you. 


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