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Life seems to have an endless amount of lessons.

They're often learned through experiences, which tend to range from excruciatingly painful to incredibly lucky but they are always taught and generally reinforced. In some ways these small lessons are like the countless individual musical notes in a symphony, they string together to build to a powerful, all-encompassing whole.

While life is determined to teach these lessons, it is our parents that are given the difficult task of explaining, exemplifying and expecting. Make no mistake about it, this is hard work.

The other day I overheard a conversation where the question was posed, from one man to another, "What does your wife do for work?" The response made me wince as the second man clumsily said "She doesn't work, she is home with the kids." I could not disagree more with the sentiment that being a mother is not a 'full-time job.' In fact, I consider it to be the most difficult full-time position on Earth.

Being that it is Mother's Day, we sat down to reflect on some of the most important life lessons that our Moms has taught us. Each member of the team chimed in here and we would love if you shared some of the wisdom your mom bestowed on you in the comments section below.

"My mother taught me that quitting or giving up was never an option. Whether it was sports, academics or even household chores, if I had committed to do something I always had to fulfill my obligation." Adam Bridegan - VP Search Marketing and Acquisition

"My mom taught me to always be kind to myself. Recently for my birthday she had the saying "Let whatever you do today be enough" engraved onto a plaque. This little reminder constantly reminds me to do my best everyday and let that speak for itself. Kyle McClure - Creative Director

"My mom has always been great at helping me gain perspective. She has a unique way of disarming me when I am frustrated with the latest quandary I have found myself in by helping me see another viewpoint. She is always the first person I think to call when I need to think differently." Nate Checketts - Chief Executive Officer

"My brothers and I always played sports and musical instruments growing up.  My mom was always happy to sign us up but taught us that it was a commitment and that if we signed up for something we would see it through until the end. She taught me that commitments could not be broken." Cortney Ansel -  SVP of Sales

"Humility is the true key to success" Casey Edgar - Co-founder

"My mom taught me that the best things in life come from hard work. She used to say that only through hard work can you learn to appreciate what you have and what you've made for yourself" Laura Romano - Account Executive

"I attribute all of the athletic ability I have to my Mom. Let's just say Dad wasn't lettering in anything other than debate and so for that, I am truly thankful for the coordination I inherited from Mom." Chip Malt - Director of Growth

"Growing up, I was incredibly hard on myself. My mom always believed in me and showed her belief by refusing to lower her standard of expectations. Instead, she continually encouraged me to be better and understood when I failed." Ben Checketts - Head of Brand

"My mom always taught me to keep family close. No matter where I go or how alone I may feel at times, my family will always love me and will always be there for me." Dakota Corbin - Graphic Designer

"My mom taught me to befriend the lonely. She has never surrounded herself with the wittiest or prettiest women as her friends, she surrounds herself with people that need her help. It's proved to be much more fulfilling and enriching for her and something I admire so much." Lily Shimbashi - Customer Experience Representative

"Perspective and patience. My mom taught me to have a good perspective no matter what life throws at you. In her eyes there is always good to be found in every situation. Sometimes we have to be patient to see it and understand it, but my mom taught me that it is always worth the wait." Jenni Guynn - Director of Operations

"My mom grew up in Korea in the 1950’s when the country was still very much a poor 3rd world nation. Clearly, that experience shaped her as most of her life lessons have to do with being frugal. In other words, if cheap is good, free is even better. To this day, even while dining at a Michelin-star restaurant, she’ll keep the pen that they bring her to sign the credit card receipt. 'MOM,' I'll say, 'Those pens aren’t free!' She will smile and say, 'Of course they are, my dear.'" Pierre Kim - SVP Product, Development and Sourcing

"My mom  taught me to always treat others as I would like to be treated. Some call it the 'Golden Rule' but I call it the Mary rule, because that's her name." Franchesca Moschella - Office Manager and Customer Experience Representative

"My mother taught me from her example of serving the elderly in our community that service is a critical component for a balanced life" Austin Hesterly - Web Developer

"My mom taught me everything! I wouldn't be where I am or who I am today without her! She raised me to be respectful, loving, and confident in everything I do and gave me the ambition I needed to do whatever I want in life. Thank you mom for every thing you do. Thank you for always believing in my dreams, you showed me anything is possible if you're willing to put in the work." Devyn Bartell - Web Developer

To the moms, grandmas and everyone celebrating this day, thank you for all you do. Lots of love from the whole Rhone team.

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