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It's Monday and time to start a new week! We've enlisted Alan Filauro to put together a bodyweight workout to kick your week off right. So grab two towels, and let's get working.

2 Towel Workout

This workout only requires body weight and two clean towels.

Starting off with calisthenics, hold your body weight in one hip for 30 seconds. When finished, immediately switch to the other hip load for 30 seconds. Following your hip loads, go immediately into a high plank planche for 30 seconds. Your goal is to keep your elbows locked out and see how far you can get those shoulders past your fingertips in order to stretch and strengthen the dorsiflexion of your wrist. You will repeat this for 3 rounds with no breaks until the 3 round is done. Follow it with 1 minute of rest then onto the next set.


Repeat the following series 3 times:
Hip Load R / 30 seconds
Hip Load L / 30 seconds
High Plank Planche / 30 seconds

Rest 1 minute


The second set consists of 10 reputations of each movement. Putting the towels on top of each other, you will single-leg Romanian Deadlift (RDL) to pick the towel on top up and place it down. You will do this on your right leg for 5 reps then continued on your left for 5 reps. Follow this with 10 hand walk inchworms. During the RDL’s your focus is to keep your balance. If you have to jump around to keep it then do so. For the inchworm hand walks, your goal is to get those hands as far as you can in front of your shoulders when you’re fully extended. This will challenge your shoulder stability & core strength. Complete 3 rounds with no rest in-between the 3 rounds. After the third round, you have a 1-minute rest until the next set.

Repeat the following series 3 times:
Hip Hinge R / 5
Hip Hinge L / 5
Inch Worms / 10  

Rest 1 minute


The third set consists of 10 reps with each movement for 3 rounds and no rest when the set starts. Do a towel kneeling single arm push/reach for 10 reps. As one arm reaches, the other goes eccentric under the shoulder. Keep your core engaged to keep the spine in alignment. After 10 repetitions, you will lay flat on your back for 10 glute bridge curls. Your goal is to keep your hamstrings under tension so do not lock out knees when you extend and do not let your butt touch the ground. After your third round, you have a 1-minute break.

Repeat the following series 3 times:
Towel Kneeling Single arm reach x 10 reps x3
Single leg Bridge x10

Rest 1 minute


The fourth set consists of 5 towel lunges (full range of motion). Get into the bottom of the lunge and drive the foot up & back for 10 repetitions. After doing it on one side, continue to do the same on the other side. After the lunges, do 10 wax on wax off push-ups. This will consist of one hand making the wax on wax off motion followed by one push-up and then repeated on the other side for a total of 10 push-ups. No rest for the three rounds. After the 3rd round, you have 1 minute of rest.

Repeat the following series 3 times:
Towel Lunge
x 5 regular then pulse for 10 R
x 5 regular then pulse for 10 L
x 10 wax on wax off push-ups

Rest 1 minute


The fifth round is the finisher, an ole classic EMOM. Every minute on the minute you have 10 mountain climbers, 8 knee tucks,  and 5 pikes. When the timer hits the top of the minute you run it back.

EMOM- 5 minutes
10 mountain climbers
8 knee tucks
6 pikes

Good luck! Keep mixing up those workouts as the unknown does not have a date set & keep washing those hands.  


To see more from Alan, check him out on Instagram: alan_filauro

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