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From fitness professionals to broadcasters for ESPN, adventure CEOs to wellness gurus, the men that make up the Rhone Community are nothing short of extraordinary. Constantly on the journey of pursuing progress, these men are guided by principle and driven to succeed–in all facets of their lives. They are dedicated to their crafts, are paving the way and are redefining the definition of what it means to be a man in the modern day.

We caught up with some of our Outliers to get the inside scoop on the gear they chose to hold up to their daily pursuits. Here’s what they had to say.

Jarrod Neumann

Jarrod Neumann is a professional lacrosse player in the Premier Lacrosse League and the 2019 PLL Defensive Player of the Year. While his athletic pursuits began in basketball where he aimed to play at the NCAA Division 1 level, in the spring of his senior year, following an injury, he began playing lacrosse and the rest is history. Jarrod played lacrosse for Providence College before beginning his professional career in 2017. He is also involved in philanthropic work, organizing camps to help teach and generate excitement around the sport, while also using it as a platform to give back and provide opportunities and equipment to kids who may not be as fortunate. In his spare time, Jarrod loves to golf, travel, fish, and boat.

Jarrod's Top Picks: 

7" Versatility Shorts

These shorts allow me to go through my training workouts effortlessly without restraint all while looking stylish and providing comfort.

Luxe Knit Hoodie

The perfect fall sleeveless hoodie for cool mornings and hot days. This hoodie is perfect for outdoor runs or training when you know a normal sweatshirt will have you overheating in the midday heat.

Commuter Jogger

These joggers fit great and the stretch is amazing. It's one of the few pairs of pants I can wear from the golf course straight to dinner because they are perfect for any occasion.

Retro Session Hoodie & Retro Session Shorts

This is the best combo set around and I wear it as much as humanly possible.

    Andy Culp

    Co-founder and CEO of Heli, Andy Culp is no stranger to adventure. An artist and lifelong explorer, his passion for photography sprung the very day he was gifted a vintage 35mm Nikkormat camera. Not to mention the gift couldn’t have come at a better time–right before a surf trip to Bali. Shooting mainly action and adventure, he still manages to have quite the portfolio of both editorial and boudoir footage. A gritty risk-taker with an eye for romance and adventure, you never quite know what adventure he’ll embark on next.

    Spar Jogger

    Love the tapered lower leg and the smooth material. Perfect for the plane, the couch, the gym, or socially when you want to let people know you do whatever you want.


    Commuter Jogger

    Probably my favorite Rhone piece. I have 5 pairs in different colors. Belt loops up top to keep it professional, with the tapered lower leg in case you need to switch into ninja mode. Great for the golf course. Great with a pair of Sabahs or Stan Smiths. Everyone needs a pair (or several).

    Kyle Axman

    Kyle Axman is a Founding Trainer and manager of Rumble boxing’s second concept “rumble training,” a treadmill/strength-based bootcamp in NYC. He is a zoot sports-sponsored triathlete and marathon runner. When he’s not pounding the fitness pavement, he is pursuing his acting career where he has seen success in the world of commercials and voiceovers but hopes to crush the film/tv scene!

    Reign Long Sleeve

    I have this shirt in every color. Not only does it keep me warm for cold weather running, but it keeps me looking "swaggy" when I’m out to dinner!

    Commuter Jogger

    In the last 5 weeks, I’ve had 4 weddings. The commuter jogger has been my go to wedding pant for cocktail attire to pair with a commuter button down and a blazer!

      Jason Pak

      Jason has been a personal trainer/strength coach for the past 13 years. In 2012, he opened up his own fitness facility, Achieve Fitness, with his wife, Lauren. Over the years they’ve found that fitness has become such an elitist and exclusive entity, which is why they’re on a mission to bring inclusivity and positive vibes to the fitness space. His favorite activities include hanging out with his son/family, going to the beach, playing football, and shooting videos!

      Commuter Jogger

      Professional enough for a work meeting, stylish enough for date night, and comfortable enough for a day trip with the family. The Commuter Joggers are the ultimate versatile pair of pants!

      Spar Joggers

      Some joggers are so lightweight that they feel stretched out after a few hours of wearing them, and others are so heavy and restrictive that they just don’t feel comfortable at all. The Spar Joggers somehow balance an incredibly tailored and stylish fit with a material that feels comfortable, lightweight, and flexible! From working out to heading to the airport to running errands, I live in these things.

      Versatility Short

      Durable enough for heavy deep squats and flexible enough for yoga, the Versatility Shorts are my favorite training shorts of all time!

      Essentials Hoodie

      The Essentials Hoodie somehow strikes the perfect balance of being fitted but flexible, lightweight but keeps you warm, and stylish but durable enough for even the most rigorous training sessions. 11/10 recommend!

        Paul Carcaterra

        Paul Carcaterra is an announcer for ESPN covering NCAA Lacrosse and College Football since 2010. Paul began his career in sports as a captain and All-American Lacrosse player at Syracuse, which led him to a successful career in broadcasting. He’s known for his in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at players, focusing on human interest stories beyond the game. In his spare time, Paul is an avid snowboarder, taking any and all opportunities he can to travel all over the world to find the best snow. 

        Commuter Five Pocket

        From working live sports for ESPN with a tie on to wearing them with a Rhone Hoodie in airports, the Commuter Five Pocket Pants are a game changer for me and are incredibly comfortable.

        Retro Sessions Hoodie

        When the weather gets colder a good hoodie is a priority for me. The Retro Sessions Hoodie has an amazing feel with super cool subtle design features.

        7" Mako Short

        The 7 inch Mako Short is light, non restrictive, and a no brainer for all my workouts. It is cut perfectly with a liner that is seamlessly integrated with the shorts.

        Pat Gilles

        Pat Gilles is the owner of Pat’s Gym. He opened Pat’s Gym in order to help athletes achieve what they thought was beyond their capabilities. Pat’s philosophy taps into an athlete’s physical and mental abilities, and he helps them break through self-imposed limitations.  

        Versatility Shorts

        Whether you’re a lifter or a runner, these workout shorts from Rhone are a great pair overall, no matter what workout I am doing.

        Reign Midweight Hoodie

        It is well-constructed and seriously soft. It is durable, lightweight, and presents well.  With all of the working out I do, the Hoodie is a bit more form-fitting and tailored. I love it for those cool nights, playing with the family, or walking the dog.

        Chase Garrett

        A 15-year veteran in the sports marketing world, Chase Garret has managed athletes and agents in many of the major sports realms from Olympic to the NFL, MLB, NBA, tennis and more. The founder and CEO of Icon Source, a business connecting top athletes with ambitious brands, Chase has driven award-winning activations at some of professional sports biggest platforms including at Kona Ironman, the Super Bowl, Wimbledon, the US Open, and more.

        Commuter ¼ Zip

        I love the weight of the 1/4 zip in the office all day. Keeps the arms snug and hides any wrinkles late in the day. I got a comment on a zoom call today from a guy asking if I was running the Rhone 1/4 zip!

        Denim Wash Pant

        The Denim Wash Pant is so light and stretchy that I could leave the office or dinner and go dunk the kids at the local rec center!

        7" Mako Short

        The 7 inch Mako tech short is finally the perfect athletic short that is fitted where it needs to be but is light and stretchy when it needs to perform.

        Jack Fusco

        Jack Fusco is a landscape astrophotographer / timelapser. What began as a way to document his travels as a touring musician, photography has become his main form of creative expression. On his often-sleepless journey, he strives to share the wonder of the night sky with as many people as possible. Whether chasing the Milky Way along coast lines or capturing the Northern lights in unforgiving remote locations, you’re sure to find him coffee in hand, smiling up at the stars.

        Tundra Jacket

        Hands down my go-to jacket. Whether I'm off exploring in Iceland or taking the pup for a late night walk, the versatility of this jacket has me covered and keeps me warm

        Bolinas Poncho & Bolinas Jogger

        From late nights at the shore to late nights by the fire this is my go-to combo for end of day comfort.

        Reign Long Sleeve

        The same perfect fit and stretch of the Reign short sleeve with some extra readiness for colder weather. I'll wear my Reign long sleeve on its own or as a base layer for heading out under the stars.

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