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To celebrate Independence Day this year we are bringing in military fitness coach Erik Bartell to grant you independence from the gym! This bodyweight-only workout resembles the mechanics of a normal Army physical training session but ties in the advanced conditioning tactics to not only burn a sweat but appropriately engage your energy systems to improve your adaptability and overall endurance.



The key throughout the active warm-up is to focus on deep breathes in through your nose, and steadily breathe out through your mouth. Never stop breathing.

Bend & Reach - Hand Walkout - World’s Greatest Stretch

6 reps total

Curtsy to Lateral Lunge

5 each side


Hand Release Push-Ups

10 reps

Side Lunge - Sprawl - Push-Up

10 reps



The purpose of these conditioning drills are to develop the explosive endurance of the fast-twitch muscle fibers. This is an opportunity for you to train dynamic energy control in order to improve your body’s ability to recover from high-intensity exercises, increase work capacity, and promote regeneration without sustaining fatigue.

The key is to go max effort for the movements while focusing on bringing your breathing under control and heart rate down during the Stair Steppers.

4 Rounds

Sprint (8 seconds) 

Stair Stepper (60 seconds)

4 Rounds

Double Leg Bound (5 bounds)

Stair Stepper (60 seconds)

4 Round

Sprawl & Sprint (8 seconds)

Stair Stepper (60 seconds)

2 min rest


3 Rounds

Pull-Up (Max Strict Reps)

Knees to Elbows (Max Strict Reps)

2 min Rest

3 Rounds

Push-Ups (Max Strict Reps)

Plank Push-Up - One-Leg Alternating (Max Strict Reps)


3-5 minutes of low-level cardio to bring down your heart rate. Foam Roll, Theragun, & stretch.

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