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When is the last time you played on monkey bars? If your answer is elementary school, then it’s been too long.

Ninja Warrior obstacles are becoming more an more popular these days. It’s challenging but you almost forget about it being hard because of how much fun it all is, at least in my experience. It is one of those workouts that benefits almost every muscle group but most importantly, your grip and upper body strength. So whether or not you want to become an American Ninja Warrior, or just build some solid upper body strength, here is an awesome workout I’ve put together that will help prepare you for the toll these types of obstacles take on your body.

The Ultimate Ninja Workout

Pro tip: With all of the bar exercises, focus on using your fingers to grip rather than your full palm.


Purpose: Activate Muscles. No rest in between sets. Focus on consistent breathing and getting through each movement smoothly and at a steady pace.

  • Walk out pushups x10

  • Band Pass Throughs x10

  • Downward Dog to Arch x 10

  • Plank Shoulder Taps x 10 each arm

  • Dead Hang 60 seconds

Workout Purpose: Build Upper Body Strength. Do all sets of each movement before moving to the next one. Rest 1-2 min in-between sets, and 2-3 min in-between movements.  

  • Strict Pull Ups 3 x Max

  • Clap Push Ups 3 x Max

  • Chin Up (Hold at top for 2-3 seconds) 3 x 8-12

  • Dips (with rings if available) 3 x 8-12 Add weight if you can easily get 12 reps

Core Purpose: Build Core Strength

  • Pull-up/L-Hold. 2-5 Sets Max Seconds.

Note: Since this is an isometric movement you will be tracking time rather than reps.

  • Get into a pull-up position using your fingers (not full grip) with elbows at 90 degrees. Bring your legs up to 90 degrees so your body forms an L shape. Hold that for as long as you can without sacrificing form. When you can’t hold a strict L shape, that’s your time. Track the times and compete with yourself week/week.

Cool Down Purpose: Decompress

  • Behind the Back Tricep Stretch (Or banded if you have bands): 30 Seconds each side

  • Child’s Pose: 60 seconds

  • Extensor Stretch 30 Seconds Each Arm

  • Flexor Stretch 30 Seconds Each Arm

This is a sure way to get you prepared for a Ninja Workout or just build functional upper body/core strength. Add this into your existing regime for a solid challenge.


To see more from Cade, follow him on Instagram: @caderrade

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