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Today we are teaming up with ARENA for a quick full body workout that packs a punch.

Training on ARENA is unlike anything you ever experienced. Set your weights instantly, up to 200lbs, using the ARENA app on your phone. ARENA counts your reps and tracks your total training load in real time. With a 30 day regenerative charging lithium ion battery (think Tesla level tech), you can unplug and take ARENA on your next summer road trip.

Today's workout is a quick 20 minute total body workout written by ARENA’s VP of Performance Albert Matheny, MS, RD, CSCS. “One of the things I love about ARENA is the efficiency. With the ability to change the range of motion and set your weights instantly I can take a 45 minute workout and compress it into 20 minutes of truly focused work. The zero interia weights are truly challenging.”


3 Rounds

10 reps of each exercise

20s rest between exercises


Rope Goblet Squat


Rope Seated Row


Rope Lateral Hop


Rope Bicep Curl


Rope Seated Tricep Extension


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