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On Target Living was formed to help individuals experience the power of feeling their best. We focus on helping people improve how they rest, eat, and move. These three pillars are the base of your overall health. If you keep these areas of your life taken care of you will become your most optimal self.  

Nutrition is one of the vital three pillars, it’s impossible to out exercise a bad diet and you cannot have great long-term health without consuming what your body needs. 

Nobody likes to give anything up, that’s why we aim to improve the things we love. If you like pop-tarts eat a better pop-tart, if you like tacos make better tacos, and if you like coffee drink better quality coffee and creamer. We know diets don’t work so we focus on how you can upgrade what you eat and drink slowly over time. Building habits around improvement will create lasting and sustainable change in our health.  It’s not about short-term solutions, it’s about making a lifestyle that works for you and is sustainable long-term, that’s the key! 


What does nutrition mean to you? 

Nutrition means to fuel the body. It is our way to have optimal energy. Food on the other hand is information, it is medicine and it is social. We can eat to feel great, but also it connects use to each other.

If you had to pick one, what would you say is the most important piece of nutrition?

Water and carbohydrates. Most people are dehydrated and water helps us flush toxins and support our energy. Carbohydrates because they are the most misunderstood, but without them we can’t be physically our best and most importantly definitely not mentally our best. The right carbohydrates actually make us happy by helping to produce serotonin.

If you could only give one big tip when it comes to encouraging individuals to focus more on their nutrition, what would it be?
Upgrade, just take what you eat and make it better. If you like bread, buy a better bread. (I Like Sprouted Ezikel Bread).

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