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The holiday season—what a wonderful time! During the holidays, some people bring the food, and some people bring the wine. However, no one ever gives much thought to which wines will actually go well with the food. I understand why—it's because the food is the highlight. But what if there was a way to compliment those holiday dishes? I have a simple solution.



For Thanksgiving, the main show is the bird, turkey! Pinot Noir is the perfect wine for poultry. Due to its light tannins, cherry fruit flavors and great acidity, this style of wine is great for both the light and dark meat on a turkey. This wine’s characteristics is close to the cranberry sauce on your plate Pinot Noir is a crowd pleaser and can honestly go with anything on the table.  


Joseph Phelps // Quarter Moon Vineyard 2017 // Pinot noir  ($90)

97 pts Wine Enthusiasts



For that Christmas ham that you been baked up perfectly in your oven, or the one you bought premade from the grocery store, we need something that is going to pair perfectly with that rich saltiness. I would go with a sparkling wine like Moscato.  Moscato is a sweeter wine, but not overpowering like a dessert wine. Moscato has the right amount of sweetness and acidity to compliment that salty honey baked ham on your plate. Buy enough because Moscato goes quickly lol. 


Elvio Tintero // Moscato d'Asti Sori Gramella 2019  ($10.98)



For Hanukkah we are going straight to dessert! The way to go is to pair sweet dish with a sweet wine. It sounds odd but it works! In this case, its ok just to pour a glass of dessert wine and enjoy it on its own. My favorite sweet wine? Sauternes!  I just love the full body, acidity, honey, peach and citrus notes. I could bathe in that stuff, it is liquid gold!

Try a Kosher Sweet wine: 

Chateau Piada // Sauternes 2018  ($56.99)



It’s New Years, so let’s not try to be different, let’s get some champagne in our system! I am aware that your credit card is probably on crutches due to some serious holiday spending, but let’s live a little more and keep the party going. 

Some vintage champagne! 

Now if you want to be different, pair the champagne with some fried chicken. It is the ultimate pairing! 


2006 Krug Champagne ($282)



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