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Former NFL Superbowl champ, NFL safety, and wine connoisseur Will Blackmon has your back this holiday season with all his favorite picks for life on the go. Whether he's running around for his work as the "NFL Wine Guy" or spending time with his family, Will's picks will make any lifestyle feel like a breeze. Here's what he had to say. 


Commuter Five Pocket

I have always wondered how martial art action heroes were able to kick butt in pants. It must be these. When I put them on, I feel comfortable enough to go to a meeting, go for a run, or take a nap. Commuter is such the perfect word, because while living in London last year, I was beyond active taking trains, Ubers and walking a ton. These are the perfect pants for that kind of lifestyle.


7” Swift Academy Short

I never played soccer, but I am a massive soccer fan, and these do look like academy soccer shorts. As of late, I have been getting in the 5-7” shorts game. These are ridiculously comfortable. Most shorts ride up on me because I have big quads, but these don’t. A huge bonus on these short for me are the POCKET ZIPPERS! My stuff always falls out of my pockets. Now I can run as fast as I want without worrying about that.


Element Tee

This shirt is very affectionate. Sounds weird I know but is super soft and elegant. The fit of this tee is loose enough for a cool style yet fitting to show off that muscle definition. This is the well-rounded tee, perfect for any time or day of the week.


7" Mako Unlined

I told you I was into the short short game. These Mako shorts are clutch for every occasion from the gym, to the golf course, or just simply going out with my family for a meal. The deep pockets are great so my items are secure. These shorts are light breathable and beyond comfortable   



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