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Whether he's at home with his wife and kids or training for the Olympics, swimmer Matt Grevers knows the value of being comfortable. Here are his top picks this holiday season that will ensure you're comfortable for anything life throws at you. 


1. Commuter Shirt

I’ve never loved getting dressed up, but this is a shirt I could wear to a wedding then go lift in…if absolutely necessary. It offers stretch, style, class and most importantly, supreme comfort. Also, wrinkles. This shirt has none. No ironing required and machine washability make this shirt a huge win. 


2. Commuter Pant

Reminder: I don’t like dressing up. So when I find a pair of pants that feel like a light blanket but look much better, I’m going to wear them. A lot. These are perfect for meetings or appearances but can stretch with me as I climb on the playground with my daughter. 


3. 9” Commuter Shorts 

When I’m not wearing athletic shorts or swim briefs, I’m in these. These are lightweight and extremely breathable, which I appreciate on a 105-degree summer day in Tucson. Excellent for weekend golfing or a family photoshoot. 


4. Bolinas Beach Poncho

This one is a no-brainer. Easy to throw on when I’m fresh out of the pool or out for a casual meal. Also great for layering, which is perfect for our fluctuating desert temperatures. The one I have also happens to be my favorite color: sunset orange. There's nothing not to love about the Beach Poncho!



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