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Today is Veterans Day, a day where we honor the brave men and women who have served in our military. To pay tribute to our veterans, today we are challenging you to complete a workout inspired by what each branch of our military requires for Basic Training. Requirements vary branch to branch, but the same 3-4 moves are required for each: push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and running. 

This full-body workout will test your conditioning and if we're being honest, potentially torch your legs, chest, shoulders, core, and arms. 


To honor those who have so bravely served and bring greater awareness to our veterans and their lives and struggles, we challenge you to choose AT LEAST one of the below workouts. If you think you can do multiple, get after it! 

Once you've completed your workout, copy the below panel (copy it from here or grab the panel on our Instagram), check the box of what workout(s) you completed, re-share, and tag your friends to join in! 

Let's remember our veterans today. And to those who may be reading this who are veterans, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. 



Timed 2-mile run // 2 minutes of sit-ups // 2 minutes of push-ups

Marine Corp

Timed 3-mile run // pull-up count // 2 minutes of crunches


Timed 1.5-mile run or 500-yard swim // 2 minutes of curl-ups // 2 minutes of push-ups

Air Force

Timed 1.5-mile run // 1 minute of push-ups // 1 minute of sit-ups

Coast Guard

Timed 1.5-mile run // 1 minute of push-ups // 1 minute of sit-ups // 5-minute water tread // 5-foot platform jump into a 100-meter swim (you can skip the jump if needed, but don’t skip the swim.)



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