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Row, Row, Row Your Butt Off

3 Blocks of 6 Rounds (18 Rounds Total) of:

  • :30 Work/:30 Rest
  • Row at least 150 M per round
  • Rest 4:00 between blocks

This is one of the most basic workouts that we do to improve rowing. Intervals are really beneficial to building cardiovascular capacity while increasing strength, but above all this workout will get you more familiar with the rowing machine than anything else out there.

Make sure when you set-up your rower to press SELECT WORKOUT -> NEW WORKOUT-> INTERVALS: TIME and then enter the :30 work/:30 rest format. This will ensure that you won't have to stop and start your workout, but have a timer nearby for the 4:00 of rest between each block.

The target of 150 meters per round is no joke so you are going to have to push hard to get a baseline number and work around your limitations. If you really want to chanllenge yourself, see if you can start at 150 M per round and increase your final score by 1 each round. So first round is 150 M, next is 151 M, thirs is 152 M, etc.

What better way to celebrate Rowvember? Enjoy.

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