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Want a minimal equipment workout you can do right at home? Barry's X is here to deliver. We enlisted Barry's X trainer Alastair Cairns to put together a simple, effective workout you can do at home, using minimal equipment. And if you're looking for even more, this workout is just a glimpse into what Barry's Bootcamp's newest offering, Barry's X, has to offer. 

Full Body by Alastair

Warm Up: 

4 Rounds

Runners Lunge - 6 reps each side

Shoulder Taps - 10 reps

Men Reaches - 10 reps (after 5 add pushup in between)

Shoulder Taps - 10 reps

Lower Body & Core Workout:

Option to use one weight as well for extra resistance

5 Rounds

  • 10 squats 

  • 10 squat to twists

  • 10 lunges

  • 10 renegade rows

  • 20 crunches

 Movement Overview:



Squat Twist

Twist as you come up and bring your opposite elbow to your opposite knee.


Push off your front heel and try to never let your front knee go over your front toe

Renegade Row

Your hips should be square to your feet and shoulder width (or wider) apart. You'll row one weight in to each rib cage.


Keep your legs in a table top position the entire time, lifting your upper back, up and down.

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