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Hi, I’m Grant, and I bet we’d get along.

Put us in a room together and I bet we could connect over a lot of things: a shared interest in fitness, hanging out with buddies, or arguing over sports rivalries. We could talk about what we do for work and working out and it’d be a good convo.

We’d follow each other on Instagram and walk away, occasionally reacting to each other’s stories and liking each other’s posts. We could size up each other's lives through the collage of photos we choose to share with the world. 

That would make us friends, right? 

But would I really know you? Would you really know me?


Picture this instead: What if we skipped the small talk and got real with each other? 


What if instead of telling you what my job title is, I told you that I’ve really been struggling to find purpose in my work lately? And that I’ve picked up daily meditation and journaling to help me figure out my next move.

Or that as much as I love working out, I hit the gym to help control my anxiety? And that without a consistent workout regimen I get into a really dark headspace.  

What if after telling you about the ballgame I watched, I tell you about the last call I had with my therapist, Simon? 

What if I told you in January 2019, right before my 28th birthday, I felt so incredibly worthless as a man that my depression turned into suicidal thoughts and I almost took my own life? And that coming out of that low point, I made it my personal mission to help other guys realize they don’t have to go through life alone.

Then you’d really know me, scars and all. What drives me, what I really care about, and why.


And who knows -- maybe you’d drop your guard, too, and shed some of the weight you’ve been carrying. I’d listen, and I know a bunch of other guys who would, too.

Because reality check: we’re all struggling with something. We all have hopes and dreams, fears and insecurities we’re working through every single day.

That’s what skipping the small talk means to me.


That’s the kind of world I want to live in, and the kind of community we’re building inside of The Guy Talk Co.

Guy Talk is a nationwide men’s community started in 2019 to bring guys together to do cool stuff and have meaningful conversations. 

Yes, we like to workout and do fun things together. But the meaningful conversations we’re having throughout is where the real magic is found. 

We talk openly about our wins and our struggles. The ups and the downs. We prioritize our mental health first and foremost, and we’re there to support each other through it all.

We stop pretending it’s “all good.” Because our life -- our real life -- can’t be summed up on a social media highlight reel. We need a real-life connection with people who actually know the real us.


Come join us!

As more cities start to reopen and we’re able to come out of isolation, the need for community and in-person bonding is stronger than ever.

Guy Talk “End of Summer Camp” -- a three night adult summer camp experience for the kid in all of us -- kicks off in Austin, TX September 23-26. Off-grid adventure retreats -- full of deep-sea fishing, mountain biking, hiking, and camping -- kick off in early 2022.

If you’re looking for things to look forward to with guys who will have your back, consider joining our membership waitlist at

Let’s skip the small talk, guys. We deserve better than that.


To changing the conversation,

Grant Mosher

Founder @ The Guy Talk Co. 


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