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Matt Van Swol is (was) a world-traveling creative director, specializing in travel and the outdoors. He's always on the hunt for clothes that look and feel great even after long trips across the world. Here are his most recent Rhone picks. 

Image shot by James Leithart


1. Commuter Jogger

"There is no doubt in my mind that these pants changed the essence of how I travel. You can sleep in them, go to weddings in them, even sand-board in Dubai with them. I never leave for a trip without them."


2. Element V-Neck Tee

"The Element V-Neck Tee can be combined with any pair of shorts, pants, or joggers and look like it belongs. I've fallen in love with the material of these tees, they fit like a glove, and wear EXTREMELY well over time, even in harsh desert and frozen tundra conditions."



3. Commuter Dress Shirt

"This has changed the meaning of "dressing up" for me forever. I worked as a nuclear engineer for years in uncomfortable button-ups, but discovering these made me not hate the idea of putting on a dress shirt. I've worn these to client meetings, photo-shoots, and even wore one on my wedding day!"


4. Rode Jacket

"As someone who spends (used to spend?) the majority of my time in nature shooting landscapes, a good rain jacket is an absolute necessity. Honestly, I was very hesitant about buying this one from Rhone because they weren't an "outdoor" brand...but it has BLOWN AWAY my ones from both Patagonia and North Face. Best rain jacket I've ever owned, nothing comes close."



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