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When it came time to shoot the first drop of our summer 2020 collection, a few things in the world had shifted. How do we expertly showcase the quality and liveliness of our summer 2020 collection in a world of social-distancing where a full-scale shoot was out of the question? Well, if there's anything we've learned as a growing company over the last six years, it's that creative pivots not only can but will happen, and the best way to respond is to run with it. Enter Chase Pellerin, a multi-talented freelance photographer we enlisted to carry out our vision from afar. While he captured the Rhone 2020 season (beautifully, might we add), we wanted to capture his life as a photographer, his process for creating in a social-distancing world, and what he thinks about it all. Here's what he had to say.  



How did you get your start in photography? 

My interest in photography started in high school. I grew up in a small town and my friends and I had to find creative ways to entertain ourselves. Photography played a large role in that. 


What was your inspiration behind the way you shot Rhone’s summer collection? 

Rhone’s summer collection has a timeless appeal. The emphasis was to highlight the detailed quality of each garment. 


What are the challenges behind shooting an entire collection essentially alone? 

The biggest challenge in this particular shoot was to make sure the products felt cohesive and that they reflected a similar aesthetic to the rest of Rhone’s product line. 

How did/do you have to pivot/get creative with everything happening in the world right now? 

The best approach was to avoid overthinking creatively. I knew I had the right equipment and enough space to produce a quality collection. 


What’s the most rewarding thing about a career in photography? 

Collaboration. Photographers have the opportunity to create a network with others from all walks of life. Working with and learning from them is the easiest way to stay inspired. 


What is your most prized piece of photography equipment? 

This is a cop-out answer but, my most essential piece of equipment in my studio has to be my desktop speakers. A proper playlist plays a huge role in how productive my workday will be. 


What’s the piece you are most excited about from the Rhone summer collection? 

The entire trunk collection offers a positive reminder that brighter days are on the horizon. 


Favorite way you’ve been keeping your body moving during these crazy times. 

I have recently discovered just how creative you can get with a proper pushup. 


To see more from Chase, follow him via Instagram and see more of his work on his website:


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