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COVID-19 has brought on a new normal — one we are unfamiliar with and one we need time getting used to. Our friends at THE WELL have put together a 3-part course to make returning to work and adjusting to the new normal post-COVID-19 quarantine easier.  We caught up with Ananta Ajmera, Director of Ayurveda at THE WELL, who will be guiding you through the course, to get more details. Here's what she had to say. 



We are really excited about the Reemerge program? Can you tell us a little more about it?

Reemerge is a 3-part online course I’m leading via THE WELL. It will provide you with practices that relieve stress, strengthen your immunity and reconnect you with your internal wisdom and wholeness. Reemerge combines the best of ancient wisdom with modern behavioral change science to give you tangible tools to positively transform your life and enhance your resiliency. You will learn practical steps you can apply to take inventory of your current habits. Then you will be able to embrace the power of practice to create actionable steps to support your health, and finally embrace the path forward with skills to develop greater confidence, productivity and resiliency. 


What inspired the Reemerge program?

The Reemerge program was inspired by the new normal we are all being asked to adapt ourselves to in a new world that we are remerging back into. This new world is very different from the one we left behind months ago. We often hear the expression “we must be the change we wish to see in the world.” Never has there been a time when this was more important than it is now, as we are all being called upon to do our part and empathize with one another amidst the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 that we all face. 


Who can/should participate in the program? 

Anyone and everyone who has a desire to reemerge responsibly and come out of this unprecedented situation as the best possible version of yourself should absolutely join this program.


Many may not be familiar with Ayurveda. Can you give us a little background on the practice? 

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest system of health and healing. It is the sister science of yoga, which teaches you how to live a happy and healthy lifestyle in harmony with the rhythms of Mother Nature. Balance is the key to health in Ayurveda, which is essentially nature’s medicine and a way of life that helps restore you to a state of balance in your body, mind, spirit and five senses. 

What is the biggest difference between Ayurveda and western medicine? How can the two work together to your benefit?

The biggest difference between Ayurveda and western medicine is that Ayurveda digs deep to identify the root causes of why you are manifesting any kind of ailment and address the cause of it versus just treating symptoms (as is done in western medicine). Western medicine is excellent in terms of its diagnostic tools for assessing what exactly is out of balance in you. Ayurveda can then address the root cause of this imbalance and help you prevent future diseases from developing. Western medicine is wonderful to rely upon for support in case you end up in an extreme emergency state of distress that calls for fast-acting solutions. 

If you could give someone three tips for health during these pandemic times, what would they be? 

I would say:

  1. Keep moving. Make sure to get some kind of physical exercise each day, even if it’s just gentle yoga or walking. Exercising supports your digestion and also keeps your mind happy.

  2. Incorporate more warm, cooked foods. These are very helpful for keeping you grounded physically and emotionally. They also support your digestion, which is the key to overall good health.

  3. Embrace the power of mantras and affirmations to help curb anxiety and keep your thoughts positive, since your mind ultimately creates your reality.

The program talks a little about habits. How do our habits affect our health? 

Habits form the root cause for either health or disease. It’s what you do each day that really adds up to create great overall health over time (or to maintain existing health long-term). That is why we are focusing on helping you develop healthier habits step by step through the Reemerge program. The best part about the course is that you can keep all the videos you receive and revisit it again and again to continue to slowly cultivate healthy new habits lifelong.


How can I participate in the Reemerge program

You can sign up by visiting

You will receive a Course Guide just prior to the start of the program that will give you all the relevant information to support your journey through the three-week program. We will meet live via Zoom every Wednesday for three weeks at 7-8pm EST, starting on Wednesday, July 22nd.


If I can’t participate in a live session, can I still participate somehow?

Yes! You can participate on your own time/at your own pace, as all live sessions will be video recorded in an online library you’ll have access to. 

THE WELL is offering Pursuit readers a promo code for Reemerge. Use the code RHONE20 for $20 off ($39 instead of $59) at checkout! 



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