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CBD is everywhere these days. But just like other wellness products, how do you know that what you're getting is the best of the best, something that's done right and will make a difference? We decided to find out more. We went to our favorite, reliable CBD source, VRB Labs, to hear more about how founders Chase Hobby and Evan Seale first discovered the benefits of CBD. We caught up with them to talk how they got started, why VRB Labs CBD is top notch, and how to use CBD if you're just getting started. Here's what they had to say. 


Tell us a little about VRB Labs. How did you first come up with the idea and how did you get started?  

The idea for VRB really grew out of necessity. We were fresh out of the military and having issues with pain & inflammation, stress, and sleep. My co-founder and I met in our first week of grad school at Wharton and had the realization that CBD was a real option for solving some of these issues. 

After researching the compound and trying products on our own, we were convinced that CBD was an incredibly effective and natural tool that we wanted in our kit. With that, we conducted a nationwide search and found an R&D team in California that helped us to create our flagship formulas: Work - a daytime blend for focus & calm, Rest - a nighttime blend for sleep, and Recover - a topical for pain & inflammation.

We launched towards the end of our MBA program and haven't looked back! Driven doers like us are always looking for the tools and tactics to increase productivity and quality of life. Solving for pain, stress, and sleep are fundamental to that effort and we're incredibly proud of the products that we've developed to solve for those issues


What sets VRB Labs apart from other CBD companies? 

VRB offers targeted & tactical solutions to stress, sleep, and pain.

When we began looking into CBD for ourselves we were jaw-dropped with how convoluted the space was. What product was meant for sleep issues? For daytime stress relief? What strength should we take? Tincture or gummies? Full or broad-spectrum?

We knew there had to be a better way and so we developed tactical products to solve for stress, sleep, and pain. VRB's product line is built to solve the customer's problems as effectively, naturally, and simply as possible.

We've found that athletes and former elite military operators really resonate with VRB and our products. At the end of the day, we consider our blends to be tools enabling productive and happy lives. If you can sleep well and go through your day without debilitating stress and pain - the conditions are set for victory. That's what we've tried to do with our flagship products.


How did your background in the military impact your decision to start VRB Labs? How does it continue to impact the business today? 

Our military careers have colored every aspect of our lives since arriving at the Academies. The military has influenced VRB in several ways.

1) Team: With both of the co-founders coming from military backgrounds, we know what to expect from each other. There has never been an issue with grit and the ability to press through hardship and uncertainty. I think the military background was critical in building that understanding.

2) Service: Before even launching the company, we knew that VRB would be a service-driven company. We support adaptive athletes through the Challenged Athletes Foundation and Adaptive Training Academy. These organizations help wounded warriors and first responders that have been injured by providing specialized prosthetics, training, and other assistance to ultimately get them back into the world of sports. It's something we're passionate about and I think our background as military officers was foundational in making service a non-negotiable aspect of the business.

3) Products: As vets and former D1 athletes, we banged up our bodies over the years and, like other Type-A people, also dealt with stress and trouble sleeping. In the military, when we had challenges to overcome we always looked for recommended Tools, Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures (TTP's) for leverage. We tried to bring that same mindset to VRB's products by providing targeted solutions to discrete problems. We didn't want to take CBD just to take it. We were looking to solve specifically the issues keeping us from living optimally - stress, pain, and sleep. With our Work, Rest, and Recover blends we did exactly that.


Why CBD over other performance or recovery products?

Performance and recovery are intrinsically linked to stress, sleep, and pain. When you look at all the products that help across these areas nothing compares to CBD - its natural, effective, non-habit forming and backed by clinical studies. We choose CBD because it provides real results without any of the negative side effects that other OTC or prescriptions drugs cause. 


What are the challenges in making sure your CBD does not contain THC?

The CBD industry, like supplements, is not regulated by the FDA – that means we have to be very careful with how we source and manufacture our products to ensure the absence of THC and other potentially harmful substances. We’ve partnered with a phenomenal manufacturing team that tests every ingredient that arrives at their facility and again after final product formulation. We also send off final products to be 3rd party lab tested once they are received at our facility – so our products have been triple-tested before they roll out the door to our customers. 


For those who have never used CBD before and are just getting started, what VRB product would you recommend?

We build targeted solutions for discrete problems – so it depends on what issues you are trying to solve. Our daytime formula, Work, is perfect for stress and anxiety during the day with added botanicals for improved focus. We use Work to get the day started and as needed for stress. Our nighttime formula, Rest, is the ultimate sleep product. It helps you get to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed without a groggy hangover sensation. And finally, our roll-on topical, Recover, is an all-in-one pain and inflammation cream. Recover is great for muscle and joint pain and can be used throughout the day. We use it pre or post workout or as needed for pain.    


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