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We caught up with Talent Hack founder Alexandra Bonetti to hear more about her newest venture, SPACES by Talent Hack, her entrepreneurial journey, and how she's changing the fitness world for fitpros. Here's what she had to say.




How did you get your start in the fitness space? 

I didn’t grow up an athlete and rarely worked out. After graduating from college, I had a very intense job where I worked very long days and spent a lot of time on planes. Fitness became my escape, my consistency, where I found strength. Limited by exercise myths and methods that didn't offer the experience and results I craved, I took matters into my own hands. In pursuit of a workout unicorn — you know, one that was too good to exist — I committed myself to researching and developing a fun, sexy, addictive and effective workout, one I’d want to return to again and again. With my method I developed, I opened fitness studios in NYC and ran them for close to a decade. That’s where I became obsessed with wellness talent and decided to build a solution to support them, which is why Talent Hack was born.

You recently launched SPACES by Talent Hack, which grants wellness professionals access to the same type of software that studios and major gyms use to manage their businesses. Can you tell us (and intrigued trainers) what they can expect from the new platform? 

You can expect best-in-class tech to sell your services, but most importantly, you can expect business support, coaching, and insight. We're here to guide you as much as you want, while supporting your own brand and model, and ultimately amplify you as much as we can to help grow your business. 

The fitness industry, like many other industries, has seen an interesting shift during the pandemic. Trainers and coaches have been unable to meet in person or at gyms. How has the recent pandemic played a role in/impacted Talent Hack and the launch of SPACES?

SPACES, and business tools for wellness professionals, have always been on our roadmap. The pandemic accelerated and prioritized business tools as soon as we realized it was our best shot at supporting our community through this time. We’ve been observing the rise of talent as the main attraction in the industry since our inception, and this pandemic has only underscored that trend as a long-lasting industry shift. It’s no longer about the eucalyptus towels and million dollar light systems: clients crave real human connection which is what SPACES aims to provide. 

If I were a trainer, what would be the first step to getting set up with SPACES? 

It’s as simple as heading to our site,, and clicking SIGN UP. From there, you’ll customize your SPACE and build out your offerings. Think of it as a digital storefront -- you can sell privates, packs, programs, build out a categorized on-demand library, and of course host your live schedule. All of it is built to work together and eliminate backend work for you so for example when you teach a live class you have the ability to auto-record and auto-upload to your on-demand library and auto-send that class recording to all class participants who booked class in case they missed it. Getting started is extremely simple but our team is available to trainers throughout the whole process. If you want to chat and strategize you can book some time with us here.


Community is an important part of our Rhone ethos. You have created this great community for fitness professionals through Talent Hack and again through SPACES. How do you feel community benefits and will continue to benefit the wellness industry as it continues to evolve? How do you foresee Talent Hack and SPACES playing a role in that? 

Talent Hack’s mission is to empower wellness professionals in their careers and as a result we’ve always obsessed over building community because it’s an essential ingredient in career success and happiness. In what can feel like a very competitive and isolating industry (think about it: most trainers barely cross paths during the day), we see community as the antidote. Especially now in our quarantined world, community becomes even more pertinent. There are so many unique struggles and challenges that come with being a fitpro, specifically while navigating this completely uncharted territory, you need to lean on your people. That’s why we’re dedicated to connecting our fitpros in meaningful ways to help everyone grow together. We truly believe a rising tide lifts all ships and are committed to facilitating that connection to elevate the industry as a whole. 


What is one piece of advice you would give to other entrepreneurs getting their start? 

Everyone starts from scratch. Having zero, one or two clients, is exactly where every single one of us started. Treat every client as if they are the most important one. Spend every minute in the stuff you do well (programming, playlisting, studying) and leverage SPACES tech to do the rest.


Current favorite way to workout/sweat?

I take a different trainer on SPACES every day and love getting to know so many of our pros.


Current favorite song to workout to?

The beauty of SPACES is that you get a full class experience, which means the music thankfully is curated for me by the instructors (which they are way more pro at than I am) but I will say when Dakiti by Bad Bunny comes on you know I’m pushing a bit harder.


If you’re not working or working out, what can we find you doing?

On a family “adventure.” I have two kids, Joaquin who is four and Mateo who is two. We’re always outside, love nature no matter the weather, so wherever we are, we’ll head to the closest state park, beach, or mountain.

As a mother and entrepreneur, your days are full, to say the least. What’s one thing that helps you feel gratitude and slow down for a minute each day? 

I’m an avid meditator. I practice vedic meditation daily and it’s truly my medicine and fuel.



Sticking to a fitness plan can be challenge, especially when you take into account that many gyms and studios are still closed due to COVID-19. At Rhone, we believe in inspiring one another in the pursuit of progress, and that mean showing up and supporting you and your fitness goals however we can. 

That's why we've teamed up with SPACES by Talent Hack to offer you a variety of different workouts that you can do from the comfort and convenience of your home. To learn more and check out the schedule of upcoming classes, click here.



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