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We caught up with Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers to chat about his lifelong love of swimming, how the postponement Olympics has impacted him and his training, and what he's up to during his free time. Let's dive in. 


When did you first know you wanted to pursue swimming at such a competitive level? 

When I was 10 and set a national age group record in the 50-yard backstroke. My mom explained to me I was the fastest 10 and under in the history of the event. I wanted to be the fastest in the history of an event at the highest level after that experience. 


If you had to choose, backstroke or freestyle?

Long course (50 meter pool): backstroke because you get more air.

Short course (25 yd pool): freestyle

Favorite item of Rhone gear?

The Commuter Shirt. It’s so soft and athletic-feeling, but it looks super classy.

Do you ever listen to anything while training? If so, what is your go-to? 

Don’t have underwater speakers, unfortunately, but during weights lately, I’ve been listening to the System of A Down station.


Besides swimming, what is your favorite way to sweat?

Volleyball or Spikeball


When you aren’t swimming, what do you do in your free time? 

Hang out with my family (wife; Annie, daughters; Skylar [4] and Gracie [10 months]), occasional video games (Call of Duty, Among Us, World of Warcraft), reading fantasy books, watching Netflix series with my wife (Cobra Kai, Schitt’s Creek). 


If you have learned one thing over the course of your career that you had to share with others, what would it be? 

Invest in your teammates as much as yourself so you can celebrate their victories alongside them and find greater joy in the sport. 


If there was one lesson you could teach your kids or one thing they will remember you for, what would you want that to be? 

Try to focus on the solution, not the problem.


How has the postponement of the Olympics impacted you? How has it adjusted your goals, your training, etc? 

It’s the first time in my life (since age 6) that I was out of the water for so long (4 months). My goals have not changed. I was in peak physical shape in March (actually at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs when the world shut down in March), but after taking a forced 4 months off of swimming I have had to re-grind to get back to where I was. 


What is your self-care regimen before competing? 

Before my biggest meets I concentrate on eating well, getting a ton of sleep, staying hydrated and storing the energy (doing very little physical activity outside of swimming).


Does it stay the same every time? 

Yes. I find comfort in my routine—even the stretches I do right before I race remain the same. That routine calms my nerves and gives me confidence. 


How do you mentally prepare for a race

I envision the perfect race right before my race. I go over the key aspects (i.e. engage core, quick turns, bent wrist for backstroke). Those mental notes change depending on how my stroke is feeling. 

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