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We caught up with Los Angeles Tight End Hunter Henry to hear more about football, overcoming his injuries, and his work with the International Justice Mission. Here's what he had to say. 


Was it always your dream to play in the NFL?

It was always my dream since I was little kid to be a professional athlete.  I remember writing in one of my elementary school classes that I wanted to be a professional athlete when I grow up.  It was always a dream and now I’m getting to live it out. 


You do a lot of great work with some great organizations. What are End It and the International Justice Mission and how did you first get involved? How can others get involved?

International Justice Mission, IJM, is a human trafficking organization that is trying to put an end to human trafficking. I first heard about human trafficking while I was in high school and just remember thinking that it is crazy that this really goes on in our world. When I got into the NFL I looked into IJM and they were doing amazing work so I partnered with them the last few years.  The biggest thing I believe people can do is continue to raise awareness for Human Trafficking because it is not talked about enough.  Also, if you feel led to you can give to their organization and join in on the fight to end human trafficking. 


When you aren’t playing football, how do you spend your time?

Spending time with my wife and my dog.  We love going to the beach, being foodies and watching sunsets.  I also enjoy playing golf and doing some hunting and fishing. 


How has your faith played a role in your life and in shaping who you are today?

My faith is everything to me. It is my foundation in everything I do. God is my strength when I’m weak, who I run to when I’m confused, and my comfort when I am hurt. With all that I have gone through in life it always gives me comfort knowing God has a plan for my life and that he is in control. God’s love and unending grace is what fuels my life.


We are entering the off-season. How do you plan to spend your time?

I will spend it with family and friends. I will be working out a lot and pushing myself to get ready for next season. In my free time I will be playing some golf, spike ball and going to the beach.


If you could share one piece of advice to those hoping to one day be in your shoes, what would you tell them?

I would tell them to dream big and to go work for that dream. It takes a lot of hard work so don’t let anyone out work you. Find things to motivate you and push to be the best. 


You’ve unfortunately battled with some injuries the last few years (Torn ACL and Tibia Plateau Fracture). How has injury impacted (both negatively or positively) your game and your overall mentality? What would you say to others suffering from similar injuries?

Injuries are tough and they are a part of the game. My injuries have been unfortunate and some just out of my control.  Rehab is a hard and tireless process that is terrible. The injuries gave me a new appreciation for football that honestly never had before.  When the game is taken away from you it makes getting back out there that much sweeter. I would tell others that it is okay to be sad and in the dumps right away, but after that you need to attack the process. You can be better than you were before; you just have to believe it. 


Current favorite workout?

Love lower body honestly. Love squatting and getting a good leg pump. Also, always have to love biceps/triceps work and getting a good pump in. 


Favorite item of Rhone gear?

Commuter Jogger and Swift Short Sleeve


Favorite song to workout to?

Big Booty Mix Vol. 18


Favorite NFL memory so far?

Getting a W on Thanksgiving against the Cowboys


To see more from Hunter, follow him on Instagram: @hunterhenry86

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