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We've all experienced those stretches in life when working out gets mundane. You crave a little extra competition or motivation that can really only be given by a good workout partner. Enter JJ and Erika Peterson of Clean Simple Eats. This dynamic power couple is the king and queen of getting after it and not only that but doing it together. In honor of our new Rhone Women's Capsule Collection, we asked Erika and JJ to put together a partner EMOM workout that will get your heart racing and if we're being honest, bring out your competitive side just a touch. So grab your partner and let's dive in.  


6 Circuits 
4 Minutes Per Circuit 
1-minute Rest Between Each Circuit


Set your timer for 4 minutes. Switch exercises with your partner every minute on the minute. Perform each exercise 2x. Compete against your partner by counting all of your cardio reps (don’t tally your strength reps, we want those movements slow and controlled). Tally up your cardio reps at the end of each circuit. Once you’ve completed all 6 circuits, add all your scores together for a total cardio rep count. The partner with the most reps wins!


5-10 Minute Warm-up 

Circuit 1: 
Cardio: Box Jumps
Strength: KB Dead Lift to Upright Row 1-minute rest 


Circuit 2: 
Cardio: Box Hops 
Strength: Weighted Reverse Alternating Lunges 

1-minute rest


Circuit 3: 
Cardio: Burpee 
Strength: Bent Over Reverse Fly 

1-minute rest


Circuit 4: 
1. Weighted Front Lunges
2. Bicep Curl 

1-minute rest


Circuit 5: 
1. Skater
2. Half Arnold Press 

1-minute rest


Circuit 6: 
1. Jump Jack to Tuck Jump 
2. Bent Over Tricep Kickbacks 

Cool Down/Stretch


Want to see more from our new Women's Capsule Collection? Check it out here

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