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Commuting is typically not the most peaceful scenario. Sometimes no matter what you do to make things run smoothly, they just don't. For most of us, commuting is no longer a part of our daily routine, at least for the time being. That means getting back anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour of your time. So what are you doing with that time? We have a suggestion: meditate. Not only will it allow you to start your day on a more peaceful and positive note, but it is a healthy habit to get into for when the chaos of commuting starts up again. We've put together a few resources and meditations below to get you started. So pull up a comfy seat and let's find some peace together.



Headspace: Headspace gives you access to 100s of meditation options ranging from short to long including a variety of categories. Pick your time frame and need for the day whether that's help with anxiety, sleep, etc., and get started.

JourneyLive: JourneyLive is meditation with a twist: real-time group meditations with a live teacher and live class. The idea is that we are all better when we have a community to support us, and we think that rings true every day and particularly in today's world. 


Meditation Videos

1-Minute Meditation: One minute doesn't feel like enough, but sometimes all we need is one minute to recenter and find the peace and calm we need to tackle the day. Meditation by Tara Brach

5 Minute Meditation: This 5-minute mediation from Goodful is quick but relaxing and can help you refocus when you just need a short pause. 

20-Minute Meditation: This 20-Minute meditation by Tara Brach will help you anchor yourself when difficult experiences arise. 


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