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Working from home can definitely feel like a new frontier. Avoiding a commute? Wonderful. Working in your sweats on the couch? Glorious. While it can seem like a vacation at first, it can also be filled with mindless distractions and a less than ideal productivity level if not done correctly. We have found it helpful to set some ground rules to set yourself up for success and want to share those rules with you.


  1. Create A Workspace: You have one at work, so create one at home. And if we are being honest, ideally it's not your couch. As tempting as the couch can be, it leads to less productivity hour after hour, not to mention will wreak havoc on your back and posture. Thank us later and set yourself up at a chair and table. Is the kitchen table the only table you have? Great. That side of the table is your new home office. 

  2. Do Your Best to Stick to a Schedule: While you may not have to commute and you now have time for more than a slice of toast for breakfast, do your best to stick to a schedule as your day unfolds. You may find yourself being suddenly distracted by random household tasks or chores. That's natural. By setting a schedule you can help yourself stay on track with your workday and cause you to focus on those household things once your work hours have ended. You don't have to be a workhorse, but set hours that work for you, breaks included, and stick to them. 

  3. Eat Real Meals: Now that you're home and don't have to pack a lunch and your office is 3 feet from the kitchen, it's easy to just graze all day. If you can resist the urge, treat yourself to full, good meals with a healthy snack in between. But don't set up your office in the kitchen (figuratively--we know for some of you city dwellers that's an actuality and we get it). You'll find you get tired faster and that's when that couch becomes all the more appealing (and so does that mid-afternoon nap). 

  4. Create a Good Playlist: If you're used to the hustle and bustle of the office, home may start to feel really quiet really fast. We've found that creating a good, non-distracting playlist to have in the background can do wonders. It provides that little bit of ambiance to get you in the mood to get things done while providing that extra bit of sound you miss by not overhearing your coworkers chat throughout the day. Lucky for you, we've put together a Work From Home playlist to get you through the next little bit. Click here to enjoy!

  5. Get Technical: Now that you can't just shout over a cubicle wall or through the open office, communication is extremely important. Use tools like HiFive, Zoom, or Slack to keep the line of communication open with your team throughout the day. Use video for calls if possible to create that feeling of being in the office together. Create spreadsheets and docs to show progress on things you would otherwise have visibility to if in the office. Do all you can to collaborate while apart and it will make things that much easier when you come back together. 

  6. Be Grateful: Not everyone has the luxury of working from home right now. Be grateful that you can maintain a level of professional normalcy in a very less than normal time. 

Now that you're prepped, it's go time. Open up that laptop, throw on those sweats, and get to work.

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