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Want a heavy object minimalist workout? You can improve strength with the correct number of reps and movements and by focusing on tempo. We enlisted Pat Gilles, owner of Pat's Gym and America's Most Inspiring trainer to put together a minimalist workout that will push you to your max. The strength adaptations from just a single sizable weight can be considerable, so for this workout, reach for your heavier dumbbells and let's get after it. 


Notes from Pat

I have a 30 and 65# DB and it never fails to provide a great minimalist tri-set. For your next workout, don’t just reach for that light dumbbell for your finisher; grab one from the heavy end and try this workout.

Anytime you do movements from the tall kneeling position it really engages your core, trunk stability, hips, and takes out the use of momentum and scale the weight as needed.

Do this work out and let me know what you think!


Repeat the circuit 5x

Single Arm OH Tall Kneeling to Standing // 8 Reps Per Side


Tall Kneeling Hammer Curls  // 10 Reps


Single Arm Tall Kneeling Push Press with 3 Second Lower  //  6 Per Arm


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