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As you may know, we recently launched "The 12 Pursuits" in which each month we will take on a new pursuit that challenges a specific area of intended expansion. This month we are focused on meditation and its benefits. One thing all of us here at Rhone do and do often is listen to podcasts. In order to help us (and hopefully you) become more meditation-minded throughout the month, we've put together a list of podcasts focused on meditation, the practice, and the benefits to help you feel more educated as to why it's a beneficial addition to any lifestyle.


1. Mindfulness for Beginners

Started in early 2020 and hosted by Shaun Donaghy, Mindfulness for Beginners is a podcast focused on the basics of mindfulness and meditation and how both pursuits help create a calmer, happier you. 

Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify


2. Meditation Minis

If you currently don't feel like you have a ton of extra time of your hands to meditate, this podcast is for you. Meditation minis is exactly how it sounds: short guided meditations to calm your anxiety, overcome negative thinking, increase your confidence, and more. Most of Chel Hamilton's meditations are just 10 minutes and sometimes even less. 

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3. Ten Percent Happier Podcast

Hosted by Dan Harris, author of "10% Happier", Dan dives in to happiness from all angels as he speaks to experts and masters such as the Dalai Lama. Not only will he focus on meditation, but how calmness, generosity, compassion and connection are skills you can hone for a happier life. 

Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify


4. Untangle Podcast

Hosts Patricia Karpas and Ariel Garten interview authors, experts and thought-leaders in areas related to mindfulness, brain health practices, leadership, and life. Untangle focuses on why it’s important to meditate, self-compassion practices, and why meditation can be such a great tool when dealing with anxiety.  

Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify


5. Daily Meditation Podcast

Mediation teacher mary Meckley greets you each morning with a daily guided meditation. Mary introduces new themes each week based on an emotion and provides techniques to manage emotions and stress triggers. With over 1500 episodes, you now have a mediation library at your fingertips. 

Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify


P.S. If you have kids, try the Peace Out Podcast. Each episode features short stories to help children calm down and relax by guiding them through visualization and breathing exercises. 


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