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What started as a personal blog quickly became a distinctive guide fashion and culture that you know as Man of Metropolis. Now, with the launch of a new content title, Metropolis Sport, people are able to experience the collision of fitness, fashion, health and wellness. We caught up with the mastermind behind Man of Metropolis and now Metropolis Sport, Founder and Creative Director Seth Travis, to hear more about his latest venture. Here’s what he had to say.


How did you first come up with the idea for Man of Metropolis?

I started Man of Metropolis in 2010. It was my personal blog while I was working at I used the Tumblr platform as a way to tap into my passion for fashion, music, and writing. I shifted the blog into a magazine and website in 2015. I went back to all my art courses in high school and college particularly photography and applied it to Man of Metropolis magazine. I also pulled in some talented friends in the fashion and publishing industry to help me which was a really great way to invest in the long term growth of the title. 


You’ve had a lot of success with Man of Metropolis. What inspired you to start Metropolis Sport?

I have always embraced a more sporty approach to my personal style. We make an effort to incorporate that look into the pages Man of Metropolis. Street Style has had a major influence on the way guys dress in recent years and has a direct correlation to the now $155.2 billion athleisure business. Luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Moncler create collections for fitness enthusiasts. It has been a fairly natural evolution into Metropolis Sport. Aside from the fashion element, fitness and competitive sports have always played a significant role in my life and there is a huge pop-culture element to sports.  I was a competitive swimmer growing up and throughout college. I also love watching professional Tennis and recently have become a Football fanatic. I grew up loving to watch the Summer Olympics too. Somewhere in my parent's basement, there are at least 20 VHS tapes of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. I think sport is a thing that we all identify with. I love getting to know the athlete's story. Understanding what training is like for them and following them on their pursuit of greatness. I've interviewed Olympic Swimmer, Cullen Jones, Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy, and 49'ers wide receiver  Dante Pettis.  I definitely hope to do more features and spotlights on athletes for Metropolis Sport. We have been in contact with the rising stars from the NFL, NBA, and Olympic athletes. Stay tuned!


What do you hope people take away from Metropolis Sport?

I really hope people connect with it and feel part of it! I see Metropolis Sport as a place where people can find inspiration. Maybe we tell a unique fashion story that pushes their idea of fitness and fashion. I also hope readers find real-life takeaways from our contributors. Our Health & Wellness Director Darren Tomasso has a wealth of knowledge and is hugely successful in the New York metro-area fitness community. I would say what attracted me most to his expertise is his authenticity and his appetite to learn and teach others. He really wants to help everyone win.


Who have been your greatest mentors/influencers during your career?

I'm influenced by creators and heroes. Artists like Vincent Van Gough and Andy Warhol had a huge impact on me. I was also obsessed with Superman. He was my hero. I spent all of my paper route money on every comic book I could get my hands on. Once I became a teenager I started paying more attention to pop-culture. I was obsessed with music videos and I think that is where fashion made its impression on me. Herb Ritts directed some of my favorite videos like; Wicked Game and Love Will Never Do Without You. That timeless all-American look really appealed to me. I think that's when I fell in love with the Ralph Lauren brand. It was the early 90s at the same time Polo Sport came into the picture, actually. I remember Tyson Beckford looked like a combination of Michael Jordan and Superman in those ADs. My obsession with fashion and modern-day heroes grew. That is when I started to read GQ, Rollingstone, and Details I was enamored by the way they told the stories of the heroes of today from the cover art to the way the writer would describe the subject in the piece.


What’s your favorite shoot you’ve done with Metropolis Sport?

Easy. The one with Evan Betts shot by my friend Mark Grgurich (seen in photo above)! I admire Evan on so many levels not just as a professional trainer but as a human. I actually called him to pitch the idea when he was on the way to the Super Bowl. Sometimes ideas come together really fast and the time we have to produce it is a very small window. So when Evan said yes I was thrilled. Metropolis Sport was really born out of the community of guys I have met the last 2 years here in New York, and Evan was truly that first spark of this idea. It was really fitting we had him on the cover of issue number one.


If you had one piece of advice to give to young entrepreneurs/creatives what would you say to them?

ST: Start building meaningful relationships now. The people you surround yourself with will shape you, influence you, and teach you how to be a better person and will impact the way you approach your ideas small or large. It's important to follow your gut, but having others who can help guide you, challenge you, and most importantly cheer you on throughout your journey is equally important to your success as a creator and a person.


Words you live by?

Never Give Up.


When you aren’t focused on Man of Metropolis or Metropolis Sport, what are you doing?

I really enjoy living in New York. I can grab a coffee and literally walk the city for hours. Visits to MoMa, The Whitney, and some galleries in my neighborhood always keep me inspired. I have to get my laps in at the Equinox Hudson Yards pool, this is probably my favorite part of the day. 


What is your 5-year vision for Metropolis Sport?

I really admire the guys I have met through the Rhone community workouts. I will continue to tell more stories about all the amazing people I meet in the health and wellness industry. They each share such a unique perspective and hopefully, we can introduce more of them in every issue. I want to tell a combination of stories ranging from the latest in fitness clothes and technology to in-depth pieces on pro athletes. I think this industry of sport; the health and wellness community is so much more than 6-packs and squat racks. They are heroes.


Favorite item of Rhone gear?  

Swift Short 5" in black.



Seth Travis is a New York-based Creative Director, brand builder, and content strategist with over 15 years of experience executing end-to-end creative in ed-tech, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle properties while amplifying globally renowned brands and personalities with his unique and elevated point of view. 





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