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We’ve gotten pretty proficient at this WFH thing, huh?  At the very least our clothes are on point (thank you, Rhone). Commuter Shirt up top, Spar joggers on the bottom. Or maybe that’s just me, but I have a feeling I’m not alone. Now, what about the food?

For so many it was easy to head to the office, grab some lunch on the road, or pack your meals for the day.  Now, however, I’ve heard from so many how it’s more difficult to figure out food options without the old routine that had become the norm. The “drive by” in the kitchen or pantry have become a bit too frequent and the quarantine 15 seems like the norm.

Until now.

Who knows how long we’ll be working from home.  In other words, we’ve gotta’ figure out some smart options for meals since throwing your hands up and just grabbing anything in sight is not really a long-term solution. 

That said, here are 7 easy lunch options that offer you quality nutrition, don’t require a culinary degree, and taste pretty darn great, if I say so myself. 

Another trick to making this work for you: cook once, eat thrice (or, at least, twice) so kitchen prep isn’t consuming your life. When I say “serves 2, 3, or more”, it could do that if you share your house with other humans or could simply mean you get that many meals out of the same, tasty dish.



There you have it.  Enough meals to get you through the week (or month, if you’re spreading each out throughout your work day).  Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated.  Simple, easy solutions and meals like those above should be the go to so you can continue to fuel your body and mind and power through your zoom calls like it’s your job – because, well, it is.



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