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The Fourth of July is around the corner and although your celebrations this year are probably a bit different than your past, I’m sure at least some of you have some plans to make it to a beach. Whether that’s your local lake, sound, or ocean, being near the water on the Fourth is almost as much a given as fireworks and BBQs. 

The Fourth of July is the biggest day for beach visits in the United States (over 180 million people will head to the beach) which also means that it’s the day that the beaches are most littered. Come July 5th, the beach usually looks like a White Claw war-zone and the early risers or lifeguards are stuck cleaning up the trash left behind, feeling disappointed and disrespected. 

Cue the CBC (The Clean Beach Coalition). The CBC is a network of coastal organizations and individuals committed to promoting clean, healthy and well-managed beaches around the world. The CBC celebrates “Clean Beaches Week” (essentially Earth Day for the beaches) annually from July 1st to July 7th as they know what kind of havoc the beaches wreak during this week. 

The coalition has seven simple reminders for those visiting the beach this week. You can use it as a helpful guide when it comes to the preservation of the beaches as well as protecting people from the natural hazards that often occur on the coast. As the team at Rhone continues to become more responsible by using helpful tips like these, we challenge you to keep these in mind as well as you head into the holiday weekend: 


  1. Leave no trace (what you carry in, carry out)

  2. Move your body (walk, run or swim)

  3. Don’t tread the dunes (use a walkover or walk-thru)

  4. Know your limits (swim, surf and boat safely)

  5. You are what you eat (eat healthy seafood)

  6. Feed your mind (read a book)

  7. Respect the Ocean (riptides, storms, natural resources)

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