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Basic human movement can be hard to come by with the uptick of sitting and static positions as of late. That’s why we teamed up with our friends at MOTIVNY to tell you all about their program Kinstretch so you’re able to keep your weekly mobility practice and check in with your joints. To top it off, we’ve answered all of your questions about Kinstretch (like what is it?) as well as why you should be integrating it into your training. 


What’s Kinstretch?

Kinstretch is defined as a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and most importantly USABLE ranges of motion. Kinstretch was derived from Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), a system which is utilized throughout a variety of MOTIVNY services. FRC was developed for individual application. It creates a platform and language in order to fill the gap between the rehab and performance training landscapes.

What does that actually mean?

Kinstretch utilizes the same principles as FRC, but applied to a group setting. Kinstretch is different from other movement systems and practices in that it focuses on and prioritizes mobility over flexibility. It improves your usable ranges of motion that you may have the potential for but not necessarily be able to access currently. It’s aptly referred to as strength training for our joints.


Mobility vs flexibility?

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding mobility in the health and fitness industry. How we view true mobility at MOTIVNY (as it is defined within the Kinstretch framework) is usable ranges of motion that target body control, strength and flexibility, actively. This means the range of motion or position of a joint that is able to be obtained volitionally, via means of active muscle contractions. Flexibility however is the range of motion or position of a joint that can be obtained via passive means (i.e. gravity, body weight, or some external force). 


Why do we train at end ranges?

The human body, for as wonderfully complex as it is, is also very efficient. It’ll usually take the path of least resistance and can come at a cost in the form of joint degradation and injury. We are more susceptible to injuries at our end ranges, where we may not have true ownership of those positions. And you will always regret not training the position that you got injured in.


Why is this beneficial?

The ultimate goal behind Kinstretch is to enhance your movement capacity - more movement variability and options to solve whatever the task is at hand. This makes us more resilient human beings and mitigates the chance for injury. With more movement options available, the more likely you are to succeed at whatever your goals may be. We see Kinstretch as an invaluable tool to not only reduce injury but to also improve performance.


Where does it fit into my training? 

Kinstretch is not meant to take the place of your current training. It is meant to supplement whatever you are interested in and utilized as an adjunct training modality. Our goal at MOTIVNY is to keep people moving For the Sport of Life, while understanding that each individual’s “sport” may be different and unique. 


Where can I attend?

MOTIVNY is one of the few facilities with multiple Kinstretch certified instructors to offer a variety of classes and times. We try to structure classes pragmatically so that they build upon each other and work towards tangible results. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re offering virtual classes on IG LIVE every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 12PM.


MOTIVNY is offering a discount to Pursuit readers. Input IKC15 at checkout to discount the first month from $49 to $15


Interested in checking out a class now? Follow the video below to start your Kinstretch training now!

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