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"The goal is to create difference makers, even if the ripple is small."


Men are pulled in so many directions. Societal norms tell us that men should be protective, independent, stoic, strong, aggressive, and competitive. Yet we know that masculinity can unlock so much more: the power to be yourself, accept others, embrace empathy, live by your words, and leave a positive impact on the world. These qualities are just a few that help push men forever forward and define a true Rhone man. 

A Rhone man radiates with authenticity, exudes a warm confidence, appreciates functional style, and lives in practice, on and off the field. Our collective of Rhone men has been growing steadily since we first started back in 2014 and now we’re upping the ante.

Welcome to the Pursuit House. We've gathered a group of influential men for a weekend in the pursuit of progress and in an effort to create conversations around connection, movement, introspection, and impact. All the while, leading with fun. We found things that guys sucked at and leaned into them, focusing on vulnerability and simply not caring how it looks. We wanted to join together men from various viewpoints to discuss deeper topics and push each other mentally. We wanted to let guys know it's ok to just be. We had open and meaningful conversations, tackled some tough topics, and left with purpose and game plans on how to improve our communities together. 

As men, we've got to find something that's deeper and more meaningful. We need to be in the moment, finding that calmness, power, strength, and excitement that life has to offer. The higher vibration you can have within yourself is actually going to do the most for the world. Because the world doesn’t need another clothing brand. What we need is a purposeful brand that inspires a shift in male culture. And that’s where Rhone comes in.  

Sometimes we get caught up in brands, clothing, and hype but we wanted to remind guys why we started Rhone in the first place: we all get further together and if we support each other, we can continue to move forever forward in the pursuit of progress.



Inspiring words from some of the summer 2019 Pursuit House attendees

"Experiencing other peoples vision and really expanding my own in the process."

Nate Forse

"Finding ways to work together, grow together, and just create experiences for each other."

Dean Sheremet


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