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“The first wealth is health. “

Our health truly is the soil from which we grow. The soil that allows us to become strong and capable in all aspects of our lives. Whether it be showing up in our career, for our family, in our physical pursuits, or simply in our day-to-day lives, our health is our foundation. While health may look and feel different for everyone, there’s certainly one commonality that holds true for us all and influences our health on the daily: nutrition.

This month we are focusing on nutrition, how to make it a focus everyday and the benefits you may reap when you become more conscious of what you’re putting into your body. As much as we believe movement matters, what you eat matters just the same. Throughout this month, we’ll look into (and possibly debunk) a handful of nutrition myths, offer up some of our favorite, wholesome recipes and pick the brains of experts in the field. So join us this month as we get busy in the kitchen, learn how to properly fuel our bodies, and deepen our understanding of what nutrition really means.

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