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You've probably heard the statistic before: your body is 60% water. But did you also know that 60% of Americans are dehydrated? It's common knowledge that we need to drink water every day and that after a good workout you should absolutely drink up. But do you really know all the benefits behind hydration? For starters, your body depends on hydration to survive. Every single cell and organ (no exaggeration) requires water for proper function. With that being said, we are excited to announce February's Pursuit: Hydration


This month we invite you to participate in the following challenge:

Drink 1 liter of water daily before consuming anything else 


Drink ½ your body weight in oz of water each day


Though your trips to the bathroom might become a little more frequent, we promise it will be worth it. As you participate, pay attention to how you feel each day. Are you more energized? Does your mind feel more clear? How does your skin look? Let's track our progress together and see how hydration can change our lives for the better. 



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