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Yes, September 29th is in fact celebrated as National Coffee Day in the US and Canada but did you know October 1st is International Coffee Day? To celebrate coffee around the globe, we asked the leaders of some of our favorite coffee brands not only what their favorite way to enjoy a fresh cup is, but to share some of their top coffee hacks to ensure you're sipping the best brews you can.  Whether you drink it black, enjoy a flat white, or you're more of an espresso aficionado, there's no shortage of ways to sip, steam and brew your favorite coffee beverage.


Jimmy, Jake, and Jordan DeCicco are the founders of Super Coffee. As former collegiate athletes, the DeCicco brothers were tired of drinking sugary energy drinks and bottled coffees that existed—so they brewed a healthy alternative. Super Coffee is blended with protein, MCT oil, zero sugar and has the equivalent of two cups of coffee in every bottle. 


Give us your top coffee hacks.

Jimmy: I'm a big fan of post workout coffee. Coffee is a natural stimulant and aids in muscle recovery–a great option for post workout.

Jordan: Coffee is the second most pesticide sprayed crop in the world (corn is the first) so always choose organic beans when possible. 

Jake: Froth our Super Creamer and add to your favorite coffee drink for a delicious, sugar free flavor, with added protein and healthy fats.

If you could pick one, what's your go-to cup of coffee?

Jimmy: Maple Pumpkin Super Coffee

Jordan: Coconut Mocha Super Coffee

Jake: Dark Roast Super Coffee Pods

One random fact? Coffee related or not. 

Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia in the 11th Century when a goat farmer named Kaldi noticed that his goats had tons of extra energy after they ate the fruits of what we now know as a coffee plant. 

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Gregorys was founded in 2006 in Manhattan, New York with a strong focus on quality, innovative products, and world class service. Though we're a specialty coffee brand first, we're so much more than coffee, incorporating lifestyle and wellness into our holistic approach to food and experience. Constantly innovating and raising the bar, our family business understands endless ambition first-hand. That's why we're dedicated to fueling your hustle in whatever way that best propels you forward. 


Give us your top coffee hacks.

Don't freeze your coffee! Unless you have an absolutely perfect seal, and are at the exactly perfect hold temperature you will do more harm than good. 

Whenever you can, grind fresh. The minute you grind coffee, you have begun the agitation process and degassing. The coffee aging ramps quickly and you will want to consume as quickly as you can. Pre-grinding your coffee will make it really tough to get a great cup. There are plenty of home grinders you can purchase, preferably burr grinders not blade, that will take your coffee to the next level at home!

Choose beans from coffee roasters you trust, like Gregorys! We buy the best quality and ethically sourced beans, and as a bonus, Gregorys will donate a pair of glasses to someone in need for every bag purchased.  

If you could pick one, what's your go-to cup of coffee?

Shot and a chaser! Espresso + Drip coffee that is.

One random fact? Coffee related or not. 

Our current logo is the third different logo we have used since we began in 2006! We upgraded to our iconic logo back in 2010, but the first four years, we had two other logos. 

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Born from the love of the at-home coffee experience, DREW COFFEE is focused on delivering exceptional & pushing the limits on sustainability - we're focused on it with everything we do. Our coffee is fairly sourced directly from smallholder producers across the world and then roasted & shipped once monthly. And for every order, we'll plant a tree around the globe where it's needed most.


Give us your top coffee hacks.

Try to enjoy your coffee beans 5-21 days after roasting. This window is when the beans are at their peak freshness.

A good burr grinder and scale are game changers for your at-home coffee game!

If you could pick one, what's your go-to cup of coffee?

Easy - it's a Flat White. If you've never had one it's a must! Think Latte, but smaller so the ratio of coffee to "milk" is much better. 

One random fact? Coffee related or not. 

Green coffee loses about 20% of its weight during the roasting process

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