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Spending nine to five in a chair day after day can take a toll on your body. Your back gets tighter, your posture gets rounder, and your meals on busy days become bags of pretzels you found in the breakroom. But we’re all adults, and there are better ways to stay healthy and take time for yourself during a work day that feels anything like your own. So here are a few simple tips and tricks to bring a little more health to your nine to five. 


  1. Exercise in the morning. Besides the obvious that it will “wake you up”,  it's been proven that exercising in the morning reduces blood pressure. So challenge yourself and sign up for that 6:30 AM training class. As a result, you’ll get a better night’s sleep and be more ready to tackle your work day.

  2. Eat a protein-rich breakfast. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s definitely not one to skip. Pack a punch first things by choosing protein-rich items including eggs, avocados, bacon, smoothies, oatmeal or chia puddings. If you don’t feel like you have the time (or the energy) in the morning, try making something the night before (like overnight oats) so you can grab and go. Check out these great options.

  3. Listen to music. Music has long been known to soothe anxiety and also help with calmness. So don’t be afraid to plug in those headphones while you work. We’d recommend something classical or calm to encourage focus.

  4. If it is already noon and you’re feeling sluggish, get up and stretch! Stretching releases feel-good hormones and can help you get your focus back if you’ve lost it. Start with a few arm stretches, touch your toes, do a few calf raises and get back at it.

  5. If time is going by slowly and you start to get anxious, take a look out the window. It has been shown to have a positive effect on the human heart rate by lowering it to a more comfortable resting pace. Don’t have an office with a view? Take a 10-minute break and take a walk to the nearest window.

  6. Stand while you work. If it’s an option, opt for a standing desk. This gives you the option to both stand and sit throughout the day. It is suggested that productivity increases when people have the option to both stand and sit throughout the day. Alternating between switching and standing will also help with body soreness and posture issues.



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