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Leftovers. Usually nothing to get excited about, but Thanksgiving leftovers--that's a whole other story. Whether it's the perfect Thanksgiving turkey sandwich (extra cranberry, please) or Stuffing Panzanella, here are a few tips on how to make the most of all those leftovers.


1. Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich

Whether you're a fan of Friends or not, Ross was onto something with the leftover Thanksgiving sandwich. Choose your favorite sides (we vote stuffing and sweet potatoes), some good bread, and you're set. 


2. Turkey Tikki Masala

Mix things up by substituting turkey into your favorite Tikki Masala recipe. Add some rice and if you're feeling adventurous, make some homemade naan as well. Don't have a favorite recipe? Try this one


3. Turkey Chili with Lime 

You know that favorite white bean chicken chili recipe? Substitute in turkey for a little twist. Top with fresh avocado, cheese, and homemade tortilla strips. 


4. Turkey Waldorf Salad

Need a break from heavy eating? Sub in a salad this week. Shred up that leftover turkey and use it in a Waldorf salad. If you made homemade cranberry sauce, add a little of that to the salad too for some extra umph or in place of the grapes. 


5. Stuffing Panzanella

Extra stuffing? This dish is for you. Put the stuffing in pan, flatten it, and fry it up. Once crispy, cut it up and make your own panzanella salad with whatever you'd like. We love this recipe from NYT. Bonus: you get to use your cranberry sauce too. 


Happy eating! 


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